The new trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was leaked online last week to the collective nerdgasms of comic book fans the world over. And while the film’s premise does present a variety of interesting topics ripe for philosophical debate, the most interesting prospect is the reveal of a brand new Batmobile. Youtuber JoBlo Movie Trailers recently shared some B-roll footage of the Dark Knight’s new chariot, and suffice to say, it looks menacing enough to blast away even the most powerful of Kryptonian interlopers.

Drawing obvious inspiration from the unstoppable-force that was the Tumbler seen in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, the new Batmobile looks a bit more trim and poised. The huge, knobby, externally mounted tires and wheels remain, but the body is thinner and more low-slung, giving an air of speed rather than "what-brick-wall?" tank attitude.

Up front you’ll find HID illumination and orange side markers (you know, for safety or whatever), plus a twin-barrel gun turret. Moving to the back, it’s hard to miss the massive rear tires, titanium piping, and what appears to be two armored panel sections that can be raised for either downforce, extra cover, or to make the vehicle look more bat-like. The whole thing is covered in a fine layer of grit, no doubt from endless wrenching sessions in the Batcave.

It’s everything you’d expect from Bruce Wayne’s utility-belt-on-wheels. What tricks lie in wait for the Man of Steel? We’ll just have to be patient to find out, as the film is slated for release March 25, 2016.


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