Four Videos looking at modern military muscle

Memorial Day is upon us, and while we’re busy barbequing and enjoying our day off, we felt it was only fitting to honor the men and women that have given their lives for our freedom to do just that. Maybe you’re going to grave sites to honor your fallen friends or family members, or maybe you’re placing flowers for those who came home without a family to look after their eternal resting place. Maybe you’re one of the few who don’t have a grave site to visit. Either way, it’s important that we remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice are responsible for all of the great freedoms we have today. Today we’re doing that here at Top Speed by showcasing these videos of modern military muscle – the vehicles that help protect our men and women on the battlefield so they don’t have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

US Army Tests The World’s Most Quiet Military Vehicle: Chevrolet Colorado ZH2

As the automotive world explores new possibilities with alternative fuel sources, the military is also looking into how the tech might apply to its own vehicles. For example, the silent running of hydrogen and electric powertrains might provide a good deal of stealth, as tested here by the Chevy Colorado ZH2.

Meet The New Humvee: The Oshkosh JLTV Coming Soon To Your Local Army Base

While the Humvee remains an absolutely essential military vehicle, the next generation of armored trucks looks like it’s just around the corner. Say hello to the latest Joint Light Tactical Vehicle from Oshkosh, as featured by our good friends from The Fast Lane Truck.

Top Modern American Military Transport Vehicles

This video is a little simpler than the other two, comprised of a slide show of images showing several military transports and complete with specs on armament, engine configuration, speed, off-road capability, seating, and manufacturer.

5 Military Vehicles You Can Actually Buy

Sometimes, the military needs to get rid of its older vehicles, and, if the price is right, civilians can actually pick ‘em up for personal use. This video, courtesy of the good folks at Business Insider, highlights five such machines, some of which you might expect (anyone interested in a surplus Humvee or Jeep?), and some of which are a bit crazy (did you know you could own a MIG-21 jet fighter for as little as $100,000?).

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