Being able to transform a Toyota MR2 into a Ferrari look-alike was supposed to be a good thing (well, yes it is a crime against style!), but when you sale this fake Ferrari into a country like Italy where selling a Ferrari replica is against the law when you can get busted at any moment!

Police in Italy arrested a group of eight mechanics who transformed the Toyota MR2s and Pontiacs into Ferrari and sold them for £15,000 each.

Police are understood to have confiscated 14 fake 360 Modenas – seven sold and seven under construction – and eight people are under investigation.

Apparently those buying the cars knew they were fakes (how wouldn’t they?) so we can only hope that people rolling in rebodied MR2s over here will soon get busted for being so lame. The buyers were simply buying the cars to impress the neighbors.


Source: Piston Heads

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  (6023) posted on 03.2.2008

Apparently you can get a Toyota MR2 kit for a Ferrari so you can have the dynamics and sound of the Ferrari but not look like a tosser

  (6023) posted on 03.1.2008


I’d buy one!!

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