I love the franchise, but car being used as a gun-rack is absolutely ridiculous

Before I start getting butthurt messages from MIB fans, let me make it clear – this write-up focuses only on the eight seconds of the 165-second long trailer; the eight seconds where the creativity of the scene writers will make you pull out a gun from the car’s muffler and shoot yourself. Don’t get the pun? Well, finish reading the article and you will.

I Was Secretly Hoping For Will Smith To Make An Appearance

I’m not going to mention that this is just a spin-off of the original MIB. I said spin-off, not rip-off. I’m also not going to mention that this stars Thor; someone who went from using a magic hammer that no one else could lift, to taking out guns from a car’s rear bumper. Anyway, coming to the point, the two lead stars are in a fight scene and one of them wants a gun. Thor, err., Chris Hemsworth, I mean Agent H asks her to flip the side-view mirror of the 1970s Jaguar XJ and Voila! a small mirror that barely shows the badge of the car running behind you suddenly unfolds into a rack with three guns to choose from. Where were these guns kept? I don’t even want to analyze that now because this is just the tip of the iceberg. They say necessity is the mother of invention. But three guns on a platter isn’t a necessity; it is luxury. Agent M goes, “Oh, wow,” and my reaction to this was, “Me and you, both, sister.”

Men In Black International Gives the Lexus RC F and Jaguar XJ6 Some Much-Needed Screen Time
- image 811157

Not trying to digress from the point, but this is when I realized that the movie’s director is F. Gary Gray – the man behind ‘The Fate of the Furious’ and the ‘Italian Job’. Then I was less wowed and shock-proofed myself for a few more out-of-the-world, not-even-in-my-imagination scenes to come.

Thor Is Thor. Period

Men In Black International Gives the Lexus RC F and Jaguar XJ6 Some Much-Needed Screen Time
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Once she was done, Thor, err., Chris Hemsworth, I mean Agent H (I just cannot fathom him playing any other role except Thor; or in that meme, where his hair is flowing like a stream of liquid gold, with the caption “T’horeal.”) reaches for the Jaguar XJ’s right side corner of the rear bumper to pull out a fancy looking chrome shotgun. Chrome again? If you’ve read my stuff before, you may remember how much I hate chrome! Ugh. This part, however, made a little sense because these cool pimp-ride shaped cars actually have long trunks and could accommodate a shotgun. The shotgun is not just stuffed in; it is actually kept in a tray. Who organised this with so much attention-to-detail? Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

There’s More Of It

Men In Black International Gives the Lexus RC F and Jaguar XJ6 Some Much-Needed Screen Time
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Anyway, it doesn’t end here. Then the wheelcap pops off and becomes the drum magazine for the chromegun. So, you’re saying that you had the space for a fancy tray to keep the long shotgun, but no space to keep a gun mag? Understandable. By now, Agent M also has a similar gun. But this was not the one she chose from the side-view mirror rack. Oh, shoot, what kind of sorcery is this? By now, my brain was fried, and mind you, all this happened in just eight seconds. Eight – Freaking – Seconds.

Final Thoughts

Men In Black International Gives the Lexus RC F and Jaguar XJ6 Some Much-Needed Screen Time
- image 811150

Carrying assembled guns would be time-saving and life-saving, especially when there is a high-risk of getting killed at every second. But sure, whatever floats their boat. That said, I enjoyed the trailer otherwise, especially the background score. I may have ranted about it now, but you can expect me to go watch the first day show of the movie. Did you watch the trailer yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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