Seems like a lazy attempt to name what is otherwise an awesome hypercar

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is now officially known as the Mercedes-AMG ONE. The name change is the latest in a series of new developments surrounding the hypercar as it prepares to make an appearance at the 2018 Paris Motor Show next week. In addition to the new name, Mercedes-AMG also divulged more information about the hypercar’s aerodynamic capabilities. Production of the Mercedes-AMG ONE is expected to begin soon. The automaker plans to build just 275 units of the 1,000-horsepower machine, with all 275 units already spoken for.

We knew this day would come, though if we’re honest, we expected a different name for the Mercedes-AMG hypercar than what the company is now calling it. I get the reason why the hypercar is now called “ONE.” Mercedes-AMG said that the name traces its roots to Formula One, specifically tied into the company’s goal of bringing Formula One hybrid technology to the road. That’s fine if you take it from that perspective, but still, “ONE” is a lazy name for a hypercar that’s supposed to signify Mercedes-AMG’s crowning technological achievement. Couldn’t AMG come up with a sexier name like Aston Martin did when it named its hyper "Valkyrie"? It probably could, but it didn’t want to. Apparently, simply calling the hypercar “ONE” already slams home the point of what it’s trying to achieve. I don’t like it, but it is what it is.

The good news is that even with its name, the hypercar lives up to the goals and standards that Mercedes-AMG is trying to achieve.

It is, by all accounts, a technological masterpiece, a creation born from Formula One technology and developed for road use. The hypercar’s active aerodynamics is one shining example of F1-derived tech that can be found on the ONE. According to Mercedes-AMG, the active aero features a multi-part, two-stage extendable rear wing that’s been designed and tested on wind tunnels to provide maximum downforce when the hypercar is engaged in race mode. The active aerodynamics is just one part of a full-blown technological assault, all wrapped in a design that’s worthy of its hypercar status.

Merc Officially Names New Hypercar Mercedes-AMG ONE
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The hypercar is still in its testing phase, so the final details of what it’s capable of are still subject to change.

That said, Mercedes-AMG has estimated that the ONE is capable of pushing a top speed that exceeds 218 mph.

The hypercar’s ability to push itself in that vicinity is owed to a 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6 engine that produces 671 horsepower and four electric motors that combine to push the machine’s total output to more than 1,000 horsepower. The gas-fed V-6 was developed to accommodate a staggering 11,000 rpm. That ability comes at a cost, though, as the company has indicated that the engine will need to be rebuilt every 50,000 km, or just over 31,000 miles.

Mercedes-AMG plans on announcing more details about the ONE when it takes the stage at the 2018 Paris Motor Show next week. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the hypercar in Paris. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Mercedes-AMG is moving away from the “ONE” name anytime soon. That part’s a shame because the hypercar deserves to have a better, if not cooler, name than simply referring to it as “ONE.”

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In the run-up to the Paris Motor Show 2018, the performance and sports car brand announces the name of the future hypercar: Mercedes-AMG ONE. The name stands for the highest automotive ambition: to bring Formula 1 hybrid technology to the road. Mercedes-AMG ONE will be the pinnacle of the model portfolio and the absolute top-of-the-line model – as is logically referenced by the One. With intensive testing having been ongoing for months in England on high-performance test stands and race tracks, Mercedes-AMG now presents the latest development status of an outstanding technical feature: the active aerodynamics.

The active aerodynamics, which is currently undergoing wind tunnel testing, features a multi-part, two-stage extendable rear wing for maximum downforce in race mode. Nowhere is better knowledge of aerodynamics to be found than in the top tier – the experts at the high-performance subsidiaries in Affalterbach, Brackley and Brixworth are working across borders on just one goal: to bring racing technology to life in a street-legal vehicle.

Show truck documents the latest development status

Future Mercedes-AMG ONE customers can now obtain comprehensive information on the development progress of the vehicle. In an exclusive, mobile showroom entitled "The Future of Driving Performance", Mercedes-AMG showcases the latest status of the hypercar, including a chance to sit in the cockpit, along with a demonstration of the individual equipment options. This is made possible by a custom-built trailer with extendable sides.

This creates a mobile customer showroom with vehicle display, coffee bar, lounge and various information elements, such as touch screen animations, material samples and colour examples. The contents are regularly updated and supplemented. The information on offer is rounded off by video documentations and interviews. The show truck is now available for the first time to Mercedes-AMG ONE customers in the grounds of the Munich Mercedes-Benz branch.

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