Mercedes is the latest victim of high gas prices and a slowing U.S. economy. Sales in USA went down in the past few months and big gas-guzzling cars can’t be sold. As already reported, Mercedes sees its future in small cars around the world, and now it seems the USA may be a part of the plan. This is why the company is considering bringing the A-Class and B-Class here, probably sometime in 2011.

The move may help give Mercedes a much needed sales boost. "We have had higher list-price increases than our competitors, and we will continue to go for pricing and lose some volume rather than see our contributions deteriorate," Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Mercedes Benz said in a conference call last week.

The new generation of the front-wheel-drive subcompacts, due in 2011, will include a small crossover and a coupe. Those models are expected to come to the United States to compete with BMW’s 1 series and a future BMW crossover dubbed the X1, as well as small SUVs from Volkswagen and Audi. An electric car also is expected.


Source: Automotive News

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