Even though the rumor mill has been churning out speculations about a Mercedes-AMG hypercar and a successor to the SLS AMG possibly in development, Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers has dismissed both reports. Speaking with the Aussies from Motoring at the Mercedes-AMG GT S Edition 1 press drive event, Moers was quite clear in saying that neither of those speculations were accurate.

"No. A hypercar is nothing what we have. There is no discussion. There’s nothing under study - nothing," he said. "Maybe in the future, yes, but not in the next five, six, eight years. Not this decade. I think it’s not necessary." Despite that, Moers also mentioned that Mercedes-AMG is technically able to work on such a project, but the only reasons keeping it from starting is the lack of a business case, which is strictly connected to AMG not being "at that level as a brand yet."

Although the Mercedes-AMG GT is in some ways a spiritual successor to the SLS AMG, Moers was adamant in reiterating that a true replacement for the modern Gullwing is not yet on the radar. "Honestly, there’s no [MkII SLS] program running. Our homework for the next years is so much, so we took the decision to not replace directly the SLS because SLS has to stand by its own and the Gullwing is an iconic car.[...] If it takes 50 to 60 years to have a Gullwing replacement coming out of the 1950s then we can wait a few more years." he continued.

Continue reading to learn why Mercedes does not want a hypercar just yet.

Why it matters

Honestly, Mercedes-AMG doesn’t really need a hypercar in its lineup if you ask me. At least not right now, when the brand has evolved from being an in-house tuning company for Mercedes-Benz to a global player in the performance segment that has doubled its annual sales since 2012. The AMG Sport sub-brand is also expanding so it is more than able to sustain itself with the current and upcoming product lineup. When it comes to halo models, the Mercedes-AMG GT and its upcoming GT3-inspired and Black Series will be good enough to increase the brand’s appeal. As far as the SLS AMG replacement, a true successor would only do good if unveiled toward the end of the GT’s life cycle, after which a hypercar would probably also make sense — if it even gets made in our lifetime.

2020 Mercedes-AMG Hypercar

2020 Mercedes-AMG Project One Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop Exterior
- image 618479

Despite the conflicting rumors, we took a shot and created a review of what a Mercedes-AMG hypercar may end up like. Don’t get fooled by the mid-engine design, as such a model would likely sport a front-midship configuration, as Tobias Moers has always said that is the AMG way of making sports cars. You can read our full review here.

Mercedes SLS AMG

2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT High Resolution Exterior
- image 478097

Part of the SLS AMG still lives on through the GT, as some of its aluminum spaceframe is largely based on the modern Gullwing, while the Mercedes-AMG GT3 even uses its predecessor’s 6.2-liter V-8. You can read our full review of the SLS AMG GT here.

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