• Mercedes-AMG Could Develop Stand-Alone Sedan

You may want to keep a jar of salt nearby for this one, as it is based on pure speculation. According to a number of media outlets from Germany, Mercedes-AMG could be thinking about a stand-alone sedan. Since this would be pretty big news, the Aussies from Motoring recently had a chat with Tobias Moers, the head of Mercedes-AMG, about this peculiar subject, and to everyone’s surprise it seems that Moers didn’t deny the rumors.

He didn’t confirm them either, but he did add more fuel to the fire. "We could have a stand-alone four-door sports car that isn’t shared with Mercedes-Benz. We could. Using a GT platform is not feasible for that, though. From the space frame concept, everything we need in a car like a four-door is not feasible." he told Motoring at the 2015 New York Auto Show. "Is there a business case, yes or no. That is all the four-door GT has to answer. Is there a potential buyer group worldwide for that kind of car?" Moers continued.

Pressured to answer more technical questions about a four-door GT, the Mercedes-AMG boss was reluctant to give an explanation, but adding two more doors and a back seat to the model is obviously easier said than done. The GT has a front midship engine and a transaxle transmission, which would severely limit interior space in the rear. Then again, a similar configuration didn’t stop Aston Martin from upgrading the DB9 into the Rapide.

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Why it matters

Now that Mercedes-AMG is in cahoots with Aston Martin, whose aging VH (Vertical Horizontal) aluminum platform is modular enough to also underpin a four-door like the Rapide and the new Taraf, it may prompt rumors that the technical exchange between the two companies could be upgraded to also feature platforms. This is beyond speculation though, and I’m more inclined to believe that Mercedes-AMG GT’s spaceframe architecture would be better-suited anyway.

Will it happen, though? I doubt it. Like all other carmakers, Mercedes-AMG is a business, and lengthening the GT into another niche model would be a costly affair. I’m not sure that the demand for such a model would counterbalance the investment, even though a four-door GT would probably look cool as hell.

Mercedes-AMG GT

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