German automaker also wants it to be the first street-legal car with an actual F1 engine

Ever since Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it was developing its own hypercar, a lot of rumors began circulating about the car. Some have since been verified by the company while others have yet to be confirmed. One item on the latter’s list is the car’s name and while the German automaker has yet to actually announces the official name it’s going to go by, it has, at the very least confirmed that it will go by the “Project One” codename. It previously went by the codename “R50,” but apparently, that’s no longer the case. It’s good because “Project One” has a more exciting feel to it compared to “R50.”

No less than Mercedes boss Dr. Dieter Zetsche made the announcement together with other revealing details about the car that at least answers some of the more important questions surrounding its development. The “Project One” codename, for example, is unlikely to be the car’s official name. That announcement is expected to happen closer to the car’s debut, which Mercedes insiders say will take place at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show this coming October.

Apart from the new codename, the AMG Project One will also be limited to less than 300 units, which falls around the hypercar’s rumored production total of “200 to 300” units. Not one to leave out exciting aspects about the car, Dr. Zetsche also confirmed that the AMG Project One will be the “first of its kind on the road,” alluding to the company’s plan to actually use a an engine derived from its championship-winning Formula One engine. In the words of Dr. Zetsche himself, “our aim is for [the Project One] to be the first street legal car with an F1 engine.”

If that’s an ambitious goal by any stretch of the imagination, Mercedes-AMG is likely the best-equipped automaker to actually make it happen. It has, after all, dominated Formula One for the past three seasons and the close ties between its F1 team and the AMG division will make it a lot easier for the automaker to see to it that the company’s objectives are achieved.

“We have relatively good indications that this is possible,” Dr. Zetsche added.
Here’s to hoping then that Mercedes-AMG is up to the challenge of turning its bosses words into prophecy.

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A lot of reasons to get excited about

Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Gets A Proper Codename, Will be Limited To Less Than 300 Units
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There are a lot of things to be excited about when it comes to the Mercedes-AMG hypercar. It could be the name, the design, the power figures, or the handling. People can point to all these items as the reason they’re most excited about the Project One hypercar and they wouldn’t be wrong. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m looking forward to seeing how Mercedes-AMG plans to use its Formula One engine and translate it into production use.

That’s what’s keeping me up at night, thinking about the development process behind something as complicated as that. Knowing that it’s also Mercedes (the dominant team in Formula One right now) that’s doing the developing of this engine adds another layer of excitement to the proceedings. If the sport’s dominant team is developing an engine that could be used for an actual street-legal car, that’s something that’s worth getting all geeked up about.

Sadly, these details about the car don’t arrive as often as it should, or at least as often as we’d like. It’s still unclear at this point how far along Mercedes really is in the development phase and unless it drops a bombshell of information on us on a random day, we’re unlikely to find out more about the AMG Project One until (probably) the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Hopefully, development of the car is running smoothly as we speak. It would be a massive disappointment if, after all this hype and buzz surrounding it, we don’t get to see the AMG Project One in Frankfurt this October.

Source: Autocar

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