Look out, Porsche. Mercedes-AMG is coming!

Is the Mercedes-AMG GT becoming the legitimate threat that the Porsche 911 should be concerned about? I highlighted that and tried to answer it in this comparison piece, but I did leave some space to show some appreciation to Mercedes-AMG for not only going out on a limb with the introduction of the AMG GT back in 2015, but more importantly, for adding on to the AMG GT with follow ups like the AMG GT S, AMG GT R, and most recently, the AMG GT C. The rapid increase in size of the AMG GT family now puts these models on the crosshairs of the Porsche 911. And for what that’s worth, legitimate competition is something that the 911 needs.

Granted, it’s going to be hard for Mercedes to completely topple Porsche out of that lofty perch it has built for itself. Compared to the 911, which has an unlimited supply of name equity, the AMG GTs are still carving out their own identities. The launch of the AMG GT and GT S back in 2015 officially signalled Mercedes-AMG’s plan to bring a dedicated sports car into the mix. The subsequent launches of the AMG GT R, a roadster version of the GT, the GTC C Roadster, and now, the GTC C, built on the foundation laid down by the GT and GT S. Moving forward, the question on everybody’s mind is what Mercedes-AMG has in store for the future with the GT family and its other performance lines.

Not surprisingly, the automaker has been coy on that matter, preferring instead to highlight the upcoming debuts of its other lines, most notably that of the equally successful 43 line, which itself is getting new family members this year in the form of the C 43, E 43, GLC 43, SLC 43, and GLE 43. These models, according to Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers, are being introduced to serve as entry-level models of Merc’s performance brand and help create significant differentiation with the 63 line. That’s the primary focus of AMG now that it’s built up the GT line to a family of awe-inspiring sports cars.

Rest assured though, don’t expect Mercedes-AMG to be content with just having four different models under the GT line. No details have been shared on future models, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Mercedes continue its assault on the Porsche 911’s throne. It’s already happening whether Porsche admits it or not. An hybrid GT sports car, perhaps? A more hardcore version of the AMG GT R? Those are a few of the possibilities we’re looking at, and for what that’s worth, I’m confident that the Mercedes-AMG GT line is not done growing just yet.

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Porsche actually needs this

Mercedes-AMG's Growing GT Family Is The Competition The Porsche 911 Needs High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 701716
Mercedes-AMG's Growing GT Family Is The Competition The Porsche 911 Needs High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 701715

You know that saying “competition breeds greatness?” Well, you can definitely apply that here because in some ways, Porsche actually needs this. For so long, the 911 has established itself as the king of the sports car market. It’s had some contenders along the way and it still does when you consider the likes of McLaren, Audi, Jaguar, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. But none of those brands have created a family of versions under one model nameplate the same way that Mercedes-AMG has done with the AMG GT.

Knowing this, can you imagine how much better the 911s could have been if it didn’t have a rival that directly threatened its status? I myself don’t have an answer to that, but we may end up finding one now that the Mercedes-AMG GT has grown into a stable of legitimate threats to the 911. Hopefully, Mercedes-AMG can continue its momentum and hopefully, Porsche can respond in kind.

Mercedes-AMG's Growing GT Family Is The Competition The Porsche 911 Needs High Resolution Exterior AutoShow
- image 701712

Competition is what makes the auto industry exciting, not because automakers are pushing to sell more of its vehicles than the other, but because it puts them on notice that if they don’t bring their “A” games to the table, they’re going to lose. To be fair, Mercedes-AMG isn’t there yet with the GT family, but make no mistake, the foundation is there to make a run at Porsche and the 911.

This is great for Mercedes-AMG. This is great for Porsche. This is great for the entire industry.

Ahe best news out of all of this? We all have front-row seats to watch the fireworks fly.

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