Next on the agenda: a hybrid hypercar and the AMG GT C Coupe

The announcement of a Mercedes-AMG hybrid hypercar may have grabbed the headlines during Mercedes-AMG’s Media Night presentation of the AMG GT and GTC Roadsters, but lost in the hoopla surrounding the hypercar’s announcement is the other new model that AMG is preparing to add to its growing AMG GT family: the AMG GT C Coupe.

AMG boss Tobias Moers confirmed the arrival of the GT C Coupe moments before unveiling the GT C Roadster. He didn’t dive into the details behind the next model up in the AMG GT family, but it is reasonable to at least expect some striking similarities to the GT C model. Moers did say that it will carry identical technical specifications to the roadster model so at the very least, expect it to carry a 4.0-liter, biturbo, V-8 engine that spits out 557 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque. Likewise, the GT C Coupe is also likely to get some of the technology that was used on the roadster version. That includes, among other things, a modified front axle and an all-new rear axle with rear-wheel steering.

The upcoming AMG GT C Coupe also touches on an even bigger point that Moers made during the GT C Convertible’s presentation. Despite the interest and the time spent pursuing electrification and autonomous driving (Mercedes even counts itself in this group), pure performance brands are still thriving, and AMG is living proof of that. AMG-branded models are selling like crazy with almost 70,000 units being sold in 2015 and this year, the company is expected to have 48 different performance models in the market, with at least 10 newcomers slated to arrive this year. That’s the widest range of any performance brand in the business today. That success is a testament to the company’s pursuit of giving its customers the best performance cars on any price range, but just as important, it also shows that there’s still plenty of room for these ball-busting machines in the garages of customers all over the world.

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A growing business continues to thrive

A day may come when pure performance cars take a backseat to their electric and autonomous driving counterparts, but based on how successful a brand like AMG has become, it’s hard to believe that customers will completely shun these models when the EV ones arrive.

By all accounts, Mercedes-AMG’s trajectory is still pointed north and the performance brand’s continued growth is indication that for as many people as there are who are jumping on the EV bandwagon, there are just as many people who remain committed to performance cars. I don’t play favorites on any of these brands, but it is comforting to know that Mercedes-AMG continues to experience rapid growth and success with its brand. The pure performance sports cars aren’t the only ones pulling the weight anymore; another Paris reveal – the AMG GLC 43 4Matic – is also expected to get a ton of interest when it hits the market.

That’s the all-encompassing point here. The increased variety of models that AMG is offering has not compromised its own performance roots and a lot of people are quick to recognize and appreciate what Mercedes’ performance brand is trying to achieve.

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