We could see this being implemented within a couple of years

All of us have gotten stuck in airport and mall parking lots. Sometimes it even takes an hour just to park the car. Even though cars these days are equipped with a self-park system, you still have to be on the driver’s seat and monitor the whole process. But this changes with new technology from Mercedes and Bosch that will allow cars to park on their own and help you save quite a lot of time.

How Safe Will It Be?

In this video, we can see the pilot run happening inside the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart in Germany. Mercedes has used an AMG 63 as a test car.

So, the main difference between this technology and from self-park systems in cars is the infrastructure.

In mainstream cars, sensors detect nearby objects and respond accordingly, whereas in this technology, lidar sensors and wi-fi modems communicate with the car and maneuver the car to the spot. As for the users, they can control the car using the app.

Positive Results From The Test Runs

Mercedes and Bosch Have Come Up With a Solution For Your Parking Woes
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A couple of tests were done, such as someone standing in the way, and running in front of the car all of a sudden. In fact, a small soccer ball was rolled in front of the test car, and it came to a halt swiftly and safely. Sweet!

The companies say that we could see this being implemented by 2020.

It will cater to busy airports and huge malls. This was a simple run in an enclosed, safe location; so, we will have to wait and watch how it works in real-world conditions.

Open Technology To Serve Better, Just Like The Hyperloop

Mercedes and Bosch Have Come Up With a Solution For Your Parking Woes
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Mercedes is not going to limit this technology to just its own cars.

It will be rolled out, and Mercedes will encourage other automakers to adopt this so that the system can work more efficiently.

This is definitely the future, but if you had a choice to make, would you prefer this, or having a driver present behind the wheel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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