• Mercedes Benz 500-SL Dragster

500-SL. Before you would have finished reading that, this drag-oriented 500-SL would have reached 100 mph. Yeah, about one second.

How? It’s got a list of things to help it achieve this feat and 250 mph in a quarter of a mile if driven to the limit.

Total body weight is only 28lbs- Power to weight ratio better than any supercar built to this day.

Over 2,500 horsepower on tap- Two and a half times the power produced by the Bugatti Veyron.

All-aluminum engine (8,619 cc, multiple turbocharged, alcohol burning, electronic fuel injection).

Weight reduction goes aboard- the pedals, the entire rear end housing, firewall, steering columns and even the battery trays are all made of titanium.

Drag cars aren’t my cup of tea. But this one is phenomenal. This car will go from 4.5 Gs to a negative 4 Gs (after the chute deploys) within six seconds. Absolute madness. You will have to be alive to talk about a full-throttle experience in this machine, let alone being impressed!


Source: Yissels

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