Mercedes-Benz CLS by MEC Design
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For over a decade MEC Design has released its new body kit for the Mercedes CLS. The kit incorporates auxiliary lights into the new front bumper and a diffuser into the rear unit. The side skirts are available with LEDs that are connected to the vehicle’s internal lighting system. The exhaust is made from mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, the tone that exits the MEC exhaust tips is so powerful that it has become known as “Earthquake.”

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Mercedes-Benz CLS by MEC Design
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For 10 years now MEC Design has been creating tuning packages and is currently coming out with a new CLS body kit, a follow-up to the S-Class body kit of last year. This new body package comes with some of the most shapely lines ever and an angry-looking front bumper. It is equipped with daylight driving lights and fog lights. The bumper at the back comes with a Sports Diffuser look or with a smooth and stylish design finish. Available side skirts come either with or without LED lighting, including 5 lights on each side) which is connected to the internal lighting system. The kit is rounded off by a 3-piece rear spoiler demonstrating again the attention to detail by MEC Design.

Rolling stock

Mercedes-Benz CLS by MEC Design
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MEC Design offers 3-piece alloy wheels with a high gloss compressed forged centerpiece and stainless steel outer rims. The front comes with 11x20 4.5 inch outer rims and 285/25 ZR 20 Hankook rubber, and the rear comes with 13x20 5.0 inch outer rims with 325/25 ZR 20 Hankook rubber. Front and rear axles come with 10mm and 19mm spacers, respectively. The bodywork was completed without requiring paint or lacquer.


Mercedes-Benz CLS by MEC Design
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Further features include the MEC Design Electronic Lowering Module which is offered for CLS270-CLS63AMG with Airmatic Suspension. Standard measure permits a 20-40mm lowering while the special measure comes with 40-70mm. For models CLS270-CLS350 and those that do not come with Airmatic suspension offered is the MEC Design height adaptable coilover kit, perfect for active street driving or light track use. With a simple click of the knob, the 28-way adaptable kit allows for dampening tuning in the front and dampening and rebounding tuning at the back. Adjustable depths offered in the kit reaches 30-70mm for the front and 30-65 for the rear.


Mercedes-Benz CLS by MEC Design
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The sports exhaust system by MEC Design comes with mandrel-bent stainless stell tubing, stainless steel resonator and muffler. The sound that emanates from such a system is so powerful that it has been dubbed as “Earthquake,” although a more silent variant is also available. The optical appearance of the car is ideally completed by a delicately fitted embossed MEC Design logo on the four oval chrome tips.


Mercedes-Benz CLS by MEC Design
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In the interior, the car features MEC Design sport multi-function airbag steering wheel with a unique ergonomic handle with inlays in precious wood and leather for the perfect grip. On the floor are velour footmats which come with Nubuck leather embroidery with the logo of MEC Design.

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