• Mercedes-Benz Creates Lil’ Dealership for Kids and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

Don’t be surprised if your kid will now want the real deal when he turns 16

Remember the days of your youth, when you were driving about in your pedal-power car dreaming of one day driving the big ones on the street? That’s what Mercedes-Benz thought about when they put up the Lil’ Benz Dealership inside the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania.

If you’re a Mercedes owner or fan, you’ll quickly resonate to the company’s motto - The Best or Nothing. Well, for the Holidays, it just got updated to ’The Bestest or Nothing’ and, to emphasize just how good the Merc experience is, children got to experience it too thanks to this small-size dealership packed with all the electric ride on cars with the three-pointed star on the nose.

Your kids deserve to drive a Mercedes too!

Mercedes’ latest PR stunt is especially sweet and inventive. Take the idea that going to a Mercedes-Benz dealership to buy your next Merc is a brilliant experience in and of itself, scale it down and make it kid-friendly and there you have it: the Lil Benz Dealership. For a day, kids could check out the wide array of Mercedes ride-on electric cars and be able to check out all of their features with help from the staff - also kids - of the mini dealership.

Mercedes-Benz Creates Lil' Dealership for Kids and It's the Cutest Thing Ever
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Each kid who hopped in for a test drive got a driver’s manual with pictures ready to be colored as well as a Lil’ Driver’s License complete with a photo. Most of Mercedes-Benz’s real-life lineup was there including the AMG GT or the mythical G-Wagon. The parents were given discount codes which come in handy since these little cars, jampacked with features such as working lights, horn, and knobs on the dash, aren’t cheap with prices easily surpassing $300-$400.

In any case, it’s certainly a way for the parents to be encouraged to visit a Mercedes dealer fit for them and, as the ad suggests, "this Holiday season, give the gift of a Mercedes."

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