• Mercedes-Benz Debuts the 2020 CLA Class At CES With Fresh Tech

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Rather than pulling the sheets at a traditional car show like Detroit, Merc decided to drop its new CLA Class in Vegas at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, debuting the new fun-loving compact alongside a host of fresh interior tech that’s sure to grab some eyeballs at the gadget-laden event.

The 2020 CLA Class Has Arrived, And It’s Stuffed With New Technology

Mercedes-Benz Debuts the 2020 CLA Class At CES With Fresh Tech Exterior
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So why drop a new sedan at an electronics show?

Well, not only is CES becoming more and more important for automakers with every passing season, but given the CLA’s overarching focus on technology for the 2020 model year, it seems like a very smart move to introduce the car alongside all of Merc’s latest gadgets for the geeks to ogle in Vegas.

Speaking more broadly, tech is also a smart move for the CLA given younger individuals are typically the buyers you see behind the wheel.

Indeed, Mercedes points out that CLA owners are around 10 years younger than the “typical” Mercedes buyer.

With that in mind, the CLA’s interior was designed specifically with a younger buyer in mind, and comes with a freestanding display screen and tons of cutting-edge features. Chief among them is the new MBUX Interior Assist, which includes support for gesture control, augmented reality, and voice command. This latest edition of MBUX is also equipped to handle complex questions and requests from passengers, and can discern between multiple speakers at the same time if there’s an ongoing conversation in the cabin.

There’s even something called Energizing Coach, which provides fitness suggestions for passengers.

Mercedes-Benz Debuts the 2020 CLA Class At CES With Fresh Tech Interior
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2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA Difference
Max. headroom, front 1023 mm 1006 mm 17 mm
Headroom, rear 908 mm 905 mm 3 mm
Legroom, front 1062 mm 1063 mm -1 mm
Legroom, rear 861 mm 860 mm 1 mm
Elbow room, front 1457 mm 1422 mm 35 mm
Elbow room, rear 1454 mm 1410 mm 44 mm
Shoulder room, front 1400 mm 1391 mm 9 mm
Shoulder room, rear 1372 mm 1350 mm 22 mm
Load compartment width max. 1444 mm 1331 mm 113 mm
Load compartment depth max. 1054 mm 1030 mm 24 mm
Width of load compartment opening 891 mm 629 mm 262 mm
Boot capacity 460 L 470 L -10 L

However, more important are the Intelligent Drive driver assists, which features like Active Distance Assist Distronic through the optional Driving Assistance Package. Meanwhile, simpler features like Active Brake Assist come as standard.

Mercedes-Benz Debuts the 2020 CLA Class At CES With Fresh Tech Exterior
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In terms of styling, we think the new CLA looks pretty damn good. We’re digging the classic diamond radiator grille, as well as the long hood line and rear-biased body proportions. Up front, Multibeam LED headlights are offered as optional equipment. Wheel sizing ranges between 16 and 19 inches in diameter.

However, Merc says the updates aren’t just for aesthetic purposes.

The CLA is also more aerodynamic this time around, boasting a Cd rating of 0.23.

Helping it achieve that figure are new wheel arch spoilers, more aerodynamic wheel designs, a two-piece shutter for the radiator grille, and complete underbody paneling. Fuel consumption is rated at 6.3 to 6.1 liters per 100 km.

The CLA should be fun in the corners as well, as it offers a wider track front and back, plus a lower center of gravity, both of which promise a sportier drive overall. Further handling prowess can be had with the optional active adaptive dampeners.

Mercedes-Benz Debuts the 2020 CLA Class At CES With Fresh Tech Exterior
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2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA Difference
Length 4688 mm 4640 mm 48 mm
Width 1830 mm 1777 mm 53 mm
Width incl. exterior mirrors 1999 mm 2032 mm -33 mm
Height 1439 mm 1441 mm -2 mm
Wheelbase 2729 mm 2699 mm 30 mm
Front track 1612 mm 1549 mm 63 mm
Rear track 1602 mm 1547 mm 55 mm
In terms of motivation, the base model CLA 250 comes with a 225-horsepower four-cylinder gas engine and seven-speed automatic transmission, which is a boost over the outgoing model’s 208 ponies.

Additional engine options (including diesels overseas) plus an AWD drivetrain will be offered at a later date.

For its first year on the market, the CLA will be offered as the Edition 1, which comes with a host of unique bits both inside and out. So if you want one with all the trimmings, now’s the time to grab it.

New Vs. Old Mercedes CLA

left right
left right

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