• Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Lorinser official details

Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Lorinser official details
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The Mercedes tuners at Sport Service Lorinser are ready for the 2010 E-Class with an exterior restyling as well as an impressive power package. Included is a redesigned front bumper with matte grill and a pair of spoilers for the rear end. While output has gone from 388 to 435 hp.

Press release after the jump.

Press release:

Regarding the new E-Class, Sportservice Lorinser has two red-hot irons in the fire. Both are out to scorch the tarmac on their first
"appearance” and to bring a twinkle to the eyes of the passengers. The newly-tuned type W212 E-Class Limousine has already been finished. For the first time in 13 years, Mercedes will again provide a Coupé alongside the series version as an elegant “running mate”. As a matter of honor, the Lorinser designers have also "tossed up” a real blockbuster from the drawing board.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Lorinser official details
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Both the existing Lorinser Limousine as well as the prototype of the
Coupé show off their extremely bold countenances: in particular their
black coated grill makes them both “masked heroes of the autobahn”. The“bad touch" is additionally underlined on the four-door by the dark
headlight caps and is expressed on the sports car prototype by the
black-coated bonnet and roof. The fast duo also draw attention to
themselves with a muscular front spoiler which is elongated further to
the front. A colour-contrasted middle section of the bumper, the typical
Lorinser gills in the fenders as well as the voluminous side sills
skilfully underline the biceps of the automobile. In addition, the
clearly-purist design of the basic bodywork is given interesting new
optical emphases, including a firm rear, which the Lorinser rear apron
forms with the diffuser. There is also a dynamic spoiler on the roof as
well as something powerful for the ears: four sonorous exhaust pipes set off acoustic fireworks when you put your foot down. This power produces a tingle in the base of the stomach just like the power of the
performance-improved engines from the Mercedes tuner.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Lorinser official details
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Consequently the current top petrol model with the 500-series power
train provides 320kw / 435HP instead of the series-standard 285kw /
388HP. At the same time the torque climbs from 530 to 570Nm and the top speed reaches an impressive 280km/h. This is not due to dubious anabolics, but merely the solid art of tuning. As a result, Lorinser uses special camshafts, an improved exhaust system and an adapted control unit. Thanks to the Lorinser Diesel Modules, these engines can also race at a full gallop. Suitable sports chassis with a good-looking lowered suspension guarantee that Limousines and Coupés will always make the corners. It is therefore self-evident that two thoroughbreds of this kind are not fitted with iron but aluminium alloys, for example the exciting Lorinser RS 9 wheels, whose special feature is their double-slit spokes.

Source: Lorinser

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