Sometime in the near – or far – future, electric and fuel-efficient cars will eventually rule the automotive world, all in the name of the environment and fuel-efficiency.

If you really think about it, the EV seeds are already being planted by different automakers, most of who already have or are in the process of developing their own electric vehicles.

US designer Nikita Kalinin doesn’t work for any of these auto brands, but she sure knows how to make a design study for a car that we all hope we’ll be seeing in our streets in the future.

Kalinin’s work is a design study for the Mercedes-Benz EL500 Luxury Sedan, an all-electric long wheelbase sedan trapped in a coupe’s body. The car is going to be powered by a Li-Ion permanent battery in the front with a quick swap cartridge battery at the rear that’s responsible for powering two high-torque motors and is mated to compact CVT transaxles. All in all, the EL500 will boast of a 300-mile full-battery charge.

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Ridiculous as it sounds today, Kalinin’s concept study has an interior akin to flying first class on a commercial plane. The rear only comes with one seat to make room for luxury amenities, including a bar, an Internet bed, seat climate, and privacy control.

The exterior comes with notable design features, including a front grille with horizontal slits, rear overhand that’s longer than the frontside, a solid wide stance, and dual headlight lenses. As for the rear, the design was made to accommodate the single seat interior so the windows are a little closer in, making the rear all that more broad, sort of like the shoulders of a finely-chiseled man.

All in all, the Kalinin’s EL500 Luxury Sedan concept is stunning in every imaginable way. Too bad it’s only a concept study because if the car ever made it to the real world, you can expect it to be one of the most awesome cars to ever come out of Mercedes.

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  (399) posted on 03.22.2011

I agree with you, when we heard of Luxury Sedan we thought the color of the body is – black. We’re talking about the elegance and uniqueness. A plus points to sedan cars.

  (273) posted on 02.21.2011

I agree, price did kill this car from the beginning. They tried to market it as the next Mini-Cooper, but it clearly is not an aspirational car — at all. Also, its styling misses the mark.

  (613) posted on 02.21.2011

Given that, in general, BMW cars have better mpg figures than MB, having a small car like the Smart in their fleet may help to increase their CAFE numbers, even if they sell only 5000 Smarts a year.

  (515) posted on 12.1.2010

the EV seeds are already being planted by different automakers, most of who already have or are in the process of developing their own electric vehicles.

  (1211) posted on 11.30.2010

agree, i hope benz chooses a perfect eco friendly for the el 500.

  (745) posted on 11.26.2010

Nice concept . I’d love to see a black version of this car.

  (808) posted on 11.26.2010

looks more like a concept car of the Mazda 6 and 3 on the front end while the rear end is similar to Aston Martin Vantage.

  (1023) posted on 11.25.2010

The common thing that i have notice when auto company plans to produce a futuristic cars..the cars are actually WEIRD-looking ..there are only few that when you can could say "WOW"

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