In light of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4²’s pending arrival at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, news that the automaker’s famed G63 AMG 6x6 – the G500 4x4²’s six-wheeled predecessor – is getting the axe. The German automaker has decided to keep production numbers low, preserving its exclusivity.

Exclusivity in this case means Mercedes is capping 6x6 production at just over 100 total examples. The last one is expected to roll off the Austrian assembly line in May, and has already been pre-purchased. That’s right, the 6x6 is officially sold out.

On the market since 2013, the G63 AMG 6x6 has enjoyed renowned success with über wealthy off-road enthusiasts and those whose ‘mine-is-bigger-than-yours’ budget is unlimited. Costing some $430,000 for a base example, it’s certainly not the easiest vehicle purchase to justify. Adding to the fun is the 6x6’s overall length that’s a few inches short of the Titanic, and it’s easy to see why Mercedes hasn’t moved that many. But that is kind of the point.

Of course, its bespoke-like sales numbers are nothing against the G63 AMG 6x6’s abilities off road and even on the highway. With a 5.5-liter biturbo V-8 under the hood making 536 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque – along with its five differentials, portal axles, central tire inflation system, and 37-inch tires – the 6x6 can smash its way over nearly any obstacle.

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Why it matters

The G63 AMG 6x6 is an insane vehicle in every aspect. Its price, size, abilities, and parking lot presence is undeniably extreme. Mercedes has done a fantastic job not only building the 6x6, but also selling it. The 100+ units Mercedes sold far exceeds the automaker’s original estimates. The added global fame only adds prestige to the brand and street cred to the venerable G-Wagen. Now let’s just hope Mercedes green-lights the G500 4x4².

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

2013 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 Exterior
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The G63 AMG 6x6 is perhaps the manliest vehicle to ever roam the earth. It’s rumored Chuck Norris, Shawn Claude Van Damme, and John Wayne were on the engineering committee and that Clint Eastwood is remaking his epic movie Gran Torino just to include the 6x6. But that’s just hearsay. Nevertheless, the triple-axle Geländewagen is a highly modified version of the G63 AMG and features a custom truck bed, chrome roll bars, fender flares, windshield-mounted LED light bar, and enough locking differentials to make the earth spin backwards.

Power comes from the mighty 5.5-liter biturbo V-8 making the same 536 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque as the standard G63 AMG. A seven-speed automatic transmission does the shifting.

The price is “don’t ask unless you’re making out the check,” or roughly $430,000 at current exchange rates.

Source: GT Spirit

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