Mercedes-Benz GL 42 Black Line by Kicherer

Mercedes-Benz GL 42 Black Line by Kicherer
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A popular trend in Europe is to tune diesel engines. This could be due to the popularity and abundance of these types of motors. But what most people do not recognize is that diesel engines by their nature are capable of swallowing endless amounts of boost because they live on detonation. Oh yeah, and they’re great with torque too.

Kicherer’s GL 42 Black Line is based off the production Mercedes Benz GL 420. The 420 comes from the factory with a 4.0 liter turbo diesel engine that produces just over 300 HP. As part of their complete upgrade package that includes an off-road appearance package that includes running boards, fender flares a new grille and other blacked out body panels. Complete with a set of custom 21 inch black rims with a nice polished lip.

The most significant upgrades take place under the hood. Kicherer has replaced the factory ECU with a reprogrammed unit that increases the output of the engine to 360 HP and an astronomical 900 NM of torque (about 663 lb-ft). In order to make the most of all this extra power the GL 42 Black Line’s top speed has been raised to 280 km/h (174 MPH). Even the accelerator has been electronically optimized for a sportier driving sensation. This proves that you can have fun in an SUV, even a diesel.

Pricing for a complete GL 42 Black Line has been set by Kicherer at 125,820 Euros (approx $160,000 USD)

Press release:

A SUV, and particularly one which is driven by a diesel engine, is not quite a lazy car. Mercedes tuner KICHERER shows how the Mercedes GL 420 CDI learns to fly in its recent reincarnation named KICHERER GL 42 Black Line.

The KICHERER GL draws its extended force resources from a modified engine control unit wrenching 360hp and a torque of 900Nm from the V8 engine. To make sure that this excess in performance may be properly enjoyed, the electronic Vmax limit has been raised to 280km/h. The suspension is electronically adjusted and comes up with a much sportier characteristic curve preventing the SUV from loosing its temper.

The accelerator pedal’s response behaviour, too, has been electronically optimised in order to make sure that the engine will release its performance more spontaneously. These technical modifications are brought to perfection by a two-pass sports exhaust system. To illustrate the increased motor activity visually, the KICHERER GL has been provided with an offroad package comprising, among other things, running boards, larger fenders, a new grille and a roof-edge spoiler as well as numerous black body trims.

A complete special edition 21“ wheelset with wide-base tyres is the cherry on top. Inside the car, KICHERER drivers will enjoy a sports steering wheel, trim parts made of genuine carbon as well as a complete leather equipment covering even the roof interior and many other elements. All tuning components are sold singly or are already integrated in a complete vehicle.

The test car price of the GL 42 Black Line is 125,820 Euros.

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