• Mercedes-Benz GLK by Lorinser

Mercedes-Benz GLK by Lorinser
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The German tuners Sport Service Lorinser have upgraded the appearance of this Mercedes Benz GLK crossover with the company’s latest aero package. The kit includes a redesigned front and rear bumpers, side skirts, roof spoiler, tuned exhaust system and Lorinser’s own turbine inspired RS8 wheels.

Press release after the jump.

Press release:

Off-roaders are only suitable for terrain; compact means sacrifice and
sports cars only appeal to contortionists who have no spine: once
prejudices were easier and the choice of the right car was therefore
complicated. Who would have thought that the Mercedes GLK would one day turn all these clichés on their head and flirt with an attractive optical
package from Sportservice Lorinser?

Mercedes-Benz GLK by Lorinser
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The Swabian body kit combines all the different facets of the basic
vehicle making a desirable whole. Robust, sporty and classy ? these are
not contradictions but the attributes of the Lorinser spoiler bumper
which is kept in the colour of the car. In a classy silver look,
incorporated 3D structures invoke bull bars and form an elegant
transverse web, which flows around the fog lights. The triangular profile
in the corners of the bumpers is also reminiscent of the off-road origin
of the car. They represent the visual link between the indicated
underride protection elements on the front and the rear, as well as the
Lorinser side sills. In order to fully underline the bullish character of
the bodywork, these add-on parts have large, quadratic incisions as a
common stylistic feature.

Mercedes-Benz GLK by Lorinser
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The rear view in particular exudes pure energy. With it the Lorinser
designers have succeeded in making the wedge-shaped knick in the lid ofthe boot clearly visible again with their spoiler bumper, so that the
styling looks especially muscular. Here the U-shaped swage lines on the
edges play just as important a role as the four powerful, shiny round
exhaust pipes. In pairs they flank the silver middle section of the
spoiler together with a sports grill insert. The dynamic Lorinser
light-alloy wheels, which are available in diverse designs for the GLK,
form a conscious counterpart to the rather Cuban-style bodywork and its
components. The RS 8, for example, is particularly well harmonised to the
style with its classical turbine blade look. It is not just evidence of
the timeless skill of its designers, but also the fact that the GLK can
also be extremely agile with its city proportions and strong engine. As a
result it can excellently outmanoeuvre not just prejudices.

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  (231) posted on 05.14.2009

What makes the tuning really impressive is the harmonious blending of the tuners concept with the original frame of GLK and really works

  (314) posted on 05.14.2009

I think this line from the press release says it all. "The Swabian body kit combines all the different facets of the basic vehicle making a desirable whole. Robust, sporty and classy. "

  (318) posted on 05.14.2009

For me the rendering is quite moderate which encorporate the entire modification to the original body, nothing much new but not the same standard thing also.

  (182) posted on 05.14.2009

There’s so much energy when you look at the car.

  (177) posted on 05.14.2009

This is one of the best Mercedes I have ever seen.

  (421) posted on 05.14.2009

Lorinser porvided a top notch tuning for the Benz and it show how they boost the body kit features.

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