One thing we ought to know about world records is that at some point in time, somebody’s going to beat them. It may not happen for a while, but sooner or later, there’s going to be someone - or something - that will eclipse it.

Currently, the record for the world’s longest drift sits on the mantle of Vaughn Gittin Jr’s study. The drift champion set the record back in December 18, 2008 with a run of 1,914.15 m (6,280.01 ft) at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas. It’s said that Gittin Jr. could have done longer had the threads on his tires not gotten completely eviscerated.

Fast forward to today and word has it that Mercedes-Benz is planning on besting Gittin Jr.’s record. The man for the job is Mercedes demonstration driver, Mauro Calo, who not only wants to break the record the same way Gittin Jr. did when he broke the previous record of 4,137 feet, but wants to reach 10,000 feet, which is a little under two miles long.

While the task seems to be far easier said than done, Calo is confident that the record will be his after his attempt at Surrey, England while using either a Mercedes C63 or E63 AMG. Calo’s attempt will be made exceptionally more difficult considering that he plans to attempt it on a perimeter track that’s barely ’as wide as a car length’.

No timetable has been set on when this attempt will take place, but seeing as news of it is going around, we won’t be surprised if it takes place before the year ends.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be sure to give updates when the day for the record-setting attempt draws near.


Source: Autocar

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  (683) posted on 07.25.2011

Well, I think that it would be better if they have boost the performance of the car decreasing weight or totally change the engine for the car.

  (677) posted on 07.25.2011

Well, I don’t think that Mercedes is capable of making a record for the the longest drift not unless they have striped down the car and increase the speed of the car. I wonder on what happen to this world record attempt.

  (442) posted on 06.24.2011

Drifting is always fun to do. I’m not a good driver but I loved watching car drifting shows online. I’ve been dreaming to try it for a day but I am afraid of getting hurt and feel dizzy.

  (488) posted on 06.17.2011

I would love to watch car drifting online and you can able to determine which one has the greatest performance in particular with the speed, time and the coordination.

  (378) posted on 06.17.2011

I think BMW will actually be able to pull that one off. They really invest a lot when it comes to technology, so it is probably that they will be able to come out with the parts for the feat.

  (858) posted on 06.17.2011

But if they would actually be able to develop a tire material that would be able to withstand the strain, then I think they have a chance of making the record. Though I doubt that they would be able to complete it in just a few months.

  (762) posted on 06.16.2011

This is one of the most interesting event that might happen in this year. If its true, I hope Calo and BMW would break the record of Gittin Jr. because I can see that only BMW cars can get the longest run.

  (453) posted on 06.16.2011

Well, this would be quite interesting. But I doubt that he would be able to reach the 10,000 feet mark. His tires simply won’t last that far with the kind of strain.

  (518) posted on 06.16.2011

Well, the performance of the car was great though the look are all the same. And I want to congratulate this car for breaking a record for longest drift!

  (807) posted on 06.16.2011

hmm. I’m a little bored with the look of Mercedes car.. they are all the same. Although, they their car have an impressive performance, still I want to see an upgraded version on the exterior.

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