Mercedes Benz introduces ’anti-drowse alarm’ on the E-Class

2010 Mercedes E-Class
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Mercedes Benz has been known for its revolutionary standards of safety. After all, as one of the most luxurious and widely-respected car brands in the world, it has a reputation to protect.

That’s why the German-based automakers have introduced a new safety features on their 2010 E-class luxury-sedan. Called the Attention Assist, this new safety technology is intended to keep tired and weary drivers from dozing off into lala land.

The Attention Assist is capable of detecting abrupt steering corrections – a classic case of drowsy driving – done on the car and responds by emitting a low-frequency beep to alert the driver of his recklessness. If the beep isn’t enough to get the driver’s attention, an espresso cup – don’t ask us why – lights up on the dashboard reminding the driver to get his wits about himself if he wants to get home in one piece.

We’re all proponents for safe driving and understand the ramifications of falling asleep while behind the wheel of a car – it accounts for over 100,000 crashes, 71,000 injuries and 1,550 deaths every year in the US. Hopefully, Mercedes Benz’s new Attention Assist safety feature can cut down on those staggering numbers.


Source: Detroit Free Press

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  (534) posted on 03.3.2010

Pretty neat safety feature should I say. I like it as I have to admit that there are times when we get too tired but still have to get to somewhere and we just drowse off to sleep. I haven’t met an accident though as everytime I would feel tired, I would stop for a couple of minutes and regain my composure. A few hours of sleep can also be helpful if the journey is not that rush anyways.

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