• Mercedes-Benz Korea has good news!

and what exactly are the Japanese thinking?

Mercedes-Benz Korea has good news!
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Mercedes-Benz Korea sold 597 units of its S, C, E and B class models as it continues to be the leader in Korea’s imported "premium" brand category for the second successive month of this year. 1,000 numbers of the new C-Class have been sold since its official launch in November last year. The model has gained a lot of respect and reputation and is a key contributor in Mercedes’ impressive sales chart.

Mercedes-Benz Korea expects the numbers to rise in the coming months following the 33.5 percent jump in imported car sales last month when compared to figures a year ago.

The popularity of the new C, pertains not only to Asian markets but also globally as Mercedes-Benz announced that global sales rose 18 percent in February, thanks to the C-Class sedan and Smart microcar.

Japan’s car sales has been steadily tumbling and the imported car sales figures are dreadful. Mercedes-Benz recorded a 11.5% drop in sales last month, and the effect of new models were negligible. Vehicle sales dropped to a 25-year low last year and the condition there does not seem to be improving.

Its not clear as to whether the Japanese have shifted to bicycles or low-cost aircrafts but as of now, Mercedes have no plans in manufacturing either of those two items there. If you think the prime reason for this catastrophe is because of Global warming and Al Gore, leave a comment.


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