Rumors about Mercedes-Benz and AMG planning to build self-driving vehicles have surfaced the Interwebz since early 2015, but it’s no longer a mystery that the Germans have been experimenting with the technology for many years now. While it has yet to introduce a mass-production vehicle that’s able to travel without driver input, Mercedes has come up with another technology that keeps humans away from the steering wheel: the elf-driving automobile.

"Using the very latest in elf-based technologies, Mercedes-Benz owners will now be able to let go of the wheel and let their elf-driving vehicle take over," Mercedes said in the brief description that comes with the video, which shows several owners getting excited while their elves drive them to their destinations.

Confused yet?

Well, we’re still four months away from April Fools’ Day, but the reason why you spent all morning unpacking gifts and eating candy canes is because it’s Christmas Day! Hence the elves, the cheerful attitude, and the gingerbread tasting at the end of the video.

Yup, no need to panic, this is just a holiday commercial and your next car won’t come with an elf to take the pleasure of driving away from you.

Joking aside, having someone drive your car for you during the holidays isn’t a bad idea. It’s that time of the year when you have a lot phone calls to make and texts to send, not to mention that you might want to enjoy some eggnog. And, we know none of those activities are recommended while driving. Granted, you probably won’t be able to find an elf to drive your car for a week or so this time of year, so make sure you drive safe and opt for a cab should you celebrate Christmas with a pint or two.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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