The current A-Class shares its platform with the GLA, a crossover; the B-Class, a small minivan; the CLA, a four-door coupe; and the CLA Shooting Brake, a sporty station wagon, thanks to the modularity of the MFA (Modular Front-wheel-drive Architecture) platform. What the A-Class no longer has is a three-door version, unlike its previous generation. That may change with the second generation of the MFA platform, when the three-door A-Class will finally get a replacement in the shape of a small coupe ready to take on the Audi TT.

Oddly enough, when Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Concept A-Class, it chose to use a three-door body, even though the production A-Class only came as a five-door. Merc decided to keep it more simple with the latest A-Class, probably fearing that such a model might take sales form the "baby-CLS", a.k.a. the CLA. Now that the CLA is coming of age and everyone sees it as a standalone model, Autocar thinks that Mercedes-Benz will introduce a two-door coupe to accompany it against both the TT and the future BMW 2 Series Coupe.

The British magazine says that the plan is currently at the drawing board stage, even though Dieter Zetsche, Daimler’s CEO, is allegedly a fervent supporter of such a model. Sporting a 2+2 configuration with either front-wheel drive or AWD for the more powerful versions, the small Mercedes-Benz coupe could also spawn a roadster version to go against the TT Roadster and an unconfirmed BMW Z2 Roadster.

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Why it matters

Although Autocar’s speculative articles usually have more plot holes than a Michael Bay movie, the one about a future A-Class-based coupe doesn’t seem far-fetched at all, especially since Mercedes-Benz really needs something to slot under the SLK, which will soon be renamed the SLC and occupy a slightly higher place in the lineup. If I were to speculate, the SLC will go against the future BMW Z5, which is a more-upscale Z4 replacement made in collaboration with Toyota, while the A-Class Coupe will go against the Audi TT Coupe and 2 Series Coupe. Its roadster version may obviously get the SLA moniker and battle the TT Roadster and future BMW Z2. Take it all with a pinch of salt, but I’ve been right before.

Mercedes A-Class

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