Mercedes Benz’s entry level luxury machine, the C Class, is a perfect blend of luxury, performance and value; but all three of those aspects only increase in value when the aftermarket tuners McChip Dkr. got a hold of the baby Benz. The German tuners picked an interesting version of the C Class as the foundation for their modification, a C 200 CDI. Despite the lack of enthusiasm for diesel powered vehicles here in the U.S. across the pond Europeans cannot get enough of the alternatively fueled machines for their outstanding fuel mileage characteristics and tons of torque. The only disadvantage of a diesel engine is a slight decrease in power when compared to a gas burning engine with the same displacement. However the advantage of a turbocharged diesel engine is that loads of extra power can easily be unleashed simply by increasing the boost, and because diesels do not suffer from detonation, the sky is the limit.

Priced at 579 Euro, McChip has come up with a reprogrammed ECU for the diesel powered C Class that brings the engine’s output up to 170 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque, up from the standard vehicle’s 136 HP and 199 lb-ft of twist, however the 136 MPH top speed remains. In order to make the diesel powered C Class handle and look as good as it now performs, the tuners have lowered the chassis with a sport tuned suspension and upgrade the wheels and tires to either 19 or 20 inch variants at the owners request. The McChip tuning package for the Mercedes Benz C 200 CDI takes a solid chassis and an efficient power plant and then increases the output to match the vehicle’s potential.


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