MBUSA confirmed that the new compact SUV set to be launched in Europe late next year and in USA in early 2009 will be called GLK.

The name GLK suggests a smaller version of the full-sized GL-class SUV, but the resemblance is limited to the new model’s relatively squared-off exterior.

For the US market the GLK-Class will be available in three trims: the GLK280 V-6 4Matic (228 hp); the GLK350 V-6 4Matic (268 hp); and the GLK320 CDI V-6 4Matic (221 hp). The car will feature a seven-speed manu-matic gearbox. The AMG version will have an output of 500 hp.

The GLK probably will start below $40,000 and well below the M class, which starts at $44,425 including shipping.

Source: Automotive News

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