Mercedes’ AMG division has been a good source of performance variants for a lot of the company’s models. But recent moves by Audi and BMW into the niche between their base models and performance variants has Mercedes thinking of expanding AMG’s role within the company. Autocar is reporting that the German automaker wants to build a range of AMG Sport vehicles, to complement the C450 AMG Sport that we caught testing earlier in 2014.

In line with what we assume we’ll see from the C450 AMG Sport, expect this new line of AMG Sport models to features steady doses of exterior and interior upgrades to go with improved performance numbers. The company has made no bones about its desire to keep pace with both Audi and BMW and this is one avenue that Mercedes is keen on exploring.

This extended AMG range will feature models based on the Mercedes A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class models, on top of sprouting new variants from the Mercedes SUVs like the GL-Class, M-Class, GLK-Class, and GLA Class. At least that’s the plan. Execution will likely be a bit trickier.

One of Mercedes’ most important objectives with this expansion is to create models that are unique from their standard variations, but do not encroach on their respective AMG models. This translates to modified chassis, new electronics, light engine tuning and AMG-inspired body kits on AMG Sport models. Additionally, these AMG Sport models may be available in gasoline or diesel versions, similar to the approach Audi and BMW have used in expanding their S and M Performance lineups, respectively.

The first two offerings from this new range appear to be the Mercedes C450 AMG Sport and M-Class AMG Sport Coupe. The latter is under development, although a launch isn’t expected until next year.

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Why It Matters

It’s understandable why Mercedes is taking this approach, especially from a business perspective. It needs to keep up with its rivals as far as offering a diverse lineup of high-performance models. I’m just worried about Mercedes potentially saturating its own lineup by having too many variants of the same model.

A Mercedes C-Class, for example, already has three gas variants and a plug-in hybrid. Add the C63 AMG and then the C450 AMG Sport and that looks like one too many C-Class models to choose from.

Maybe Mercedes knows something that I don’t, which is probably the case, but I doubt my concerns aren’t substantiated, either.

2016 Mercedes-Benz C450 AMG Sport

Mercedes Considers a New AMG Sport Lineup Exclusive Renderings
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I have no issues against the C450 AMG Sport. On the contrary, I like the idea of a beefier C-Class model that takes advantage of AMG technology without venturing into the world of the C63 AMG.

The thought of Mercedes developing this model without AMG going all-in will be evident in the final production version, but with an uprated, 3.0-liter, V-6 engine under its hood that produces 360 to 370 horsepower, I doubt a lot of people will complain.

Expect the C450 AMG Sport to hit the market later this year with the possibility of it reaching U.S. soil. Cross your fingers on that happening.

Source: AutoCar

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