Mercedes’ aggressive company expansion isn’t slowing down any time soon. Already boasting of a handful of new models in its a number of its new models, Mercedes also appears to have an eye towards expanding of its oldest and most heralded lineups: the G-Class.

According to German newspaper Autobild, the German has set its sights on launching a more stylish crossover that will fall under the G-Class. Full details behind this proposed model are still sketchy, but it appears that the company plans to release this model in 2019 — a year after the next-generation A-Class arrives.

How is the A-Class relevant to this G-Class-inspired crossover? Apparently, the more lifestyle-facing G model will be built using the same platform of the next-gen A-Class. That’s an indication that this new crossover, which has been tentatively dubbed the "GLB", will have its own set of unique features. The most prominent, if there’s any validity to these rumors, is that the GLB will offer space for as many as seven people.

It’s a little confusing if you factor in those reports that next-gen A-Class’ platform will be used. Last we checked, the A-Class isn’t the big of a model, so it’ll be interesting how Mercedes uses that architecture on a seven-seat crossover, long wheelbase notwithstanding.

The new GLB, or Mini-G as Autobild refers to it, is also being touted as coming with front-wheel-drive system with an all-wheel drive version available as an added option. An optional on-or off-road package is also being prepared and last but not least, the GLB should cost slightly more than the GLA, which could retail at a base price of €29,000, just a little under $40,000.

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Why It Matters

If Mercedes’ proposed expansion of the G-Class pushes through, it’s going to add even more diversity to what’s shaping up to be the company’s most versatile line of SUVs. We all know the militaristic and utilitarian roots of the G-Class. The arrival of the GLA shook that up by adding a small SUV coupe into the mix. Now that there’s talk of another new entry into the G-Class line, the reported GLB crossover will add even more choices to an already impressive lineup of SUVs bearing that "G" nomenclature.

Mercedes G-Class

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The Mercedes G-Class is one of the models that carries with it one of the longest histories in Mercedes’ entire lineup. It’s hard to believe that for a model that has been around since 1979, the G-Class is not just still around, but it’s still thriving in such a way that Mercedes is even beginning to expand the lineup.

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As it stands now, the G550 remains the most powerful version of the G-Class outside of the turbocharged AMG models. In its latest form the G550 is powered by a 5.5-liter V-8 engine that delivers an impressive 388 horsepower and a peak torque of 390 pound-feet.

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In the U.S. market, the G550 is priced at $113,000.

Source: Autobild

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