RENNtech has developed a new line of aftermarket performance products aimed at getting more power out of the 63 series AMG Mercedes-Benz.

RENNtech, generally regarded as the nation’s foremost authority on Mercedes-Benz performance tuning, took something of an "old school" approach towards building its new high-tech products. "The new AMG motor isn’t like the last generation of turbo or kompressor cars," explains Hartmut Feyhl, president of RENNtech and former technical director of AMG North America. "This new engine is naturally aspirated, like a more traditional race motor, and the way to get more power out of an engine like the 63 is to improve the engine’s breathing."

Mercedes E63 AMG by RENNtech
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To that end, Feyhl and his crew at RENNtech have built new exhaust headers and high-flow sport mufflers, from 304 TiG welded stainless-steel, and developed new engine control software to further boost the engine’s efficiency - and, while "bigger pipes" might seem like a no-brainer, in this case, bigger wasn’t better.

"Some people make a big deal about larger diameter this or that, but that’s not always the answer," explains Feyhl. "Our headers use slightly smaller diameter tubes, actually increase the speed of the airflow out of the engine. It is important that the tubing is small enough to ’scavenge’ air at lower RPM, generating more torque, while still being large enough to provide improved airflow at higher RPM."

Mercedes E63 AMG by RENNtech
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RENNtech’s results and expertise speak for themselves, delivering 48 additional horsepower and 50 lb-ft. of torque, with a deep, growling exhaust note that is totally free of unwanted resonances at cruising speeds. RENNtech’s headers, sport mufflers, and ECU upgrades are available independently or as "package 2" through RENNtech’s network of authorized dealers. Available for E, CLS, and S class 63 series AMG. MSRP 11,450 USD

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