At the Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes unveiled the F700, a dramatically styled concept, that previews a series of high-end features the company plans to incorporate into future production models. The F700 previews the large luxury sedan previews the next-generation S-class due in 2012.

Mercedes describes the F700 as a “futuristic interpretation of the classic sedan” and predicts much of the technology it previews will begin appearing on production models within the next decade as emissions regulations become tougher and buyer expectations grow with advances in fields such as consumer electronics.

While officials are quick to downplay the relevance of the new four-door’s styling, Mercedes sources suggest that various themes explored within its body are likely to be developed further before being committed to production. These include a bold front-end treatment that could preface the look of its future lineup, as well as individual elements such as prominent wheel arches and flowing C-pillars.

The F 700 is the world’s first car that can anticipatively recognize the condition of the road and level out the uneven spots with its active PRE-SCAN suspension, further improving suspension comfort substantially. The forward-pointing DIESOTTO drive system introduced in the F 700, a four-cylinder with a displacement of only 1.8 liters, combines the strong points of the low-emission gasoline engine with the consumption benefits of the diesel drive. Its CO2 emissions of a mere 127 grams per kilometer correspond to consumption of only 5.3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers (44.3 mpg), extremely low for a vehicle of this class.

This is made possible by a forward-looking drive concept, the heart of which is the “DIESOTTO” technology – an advancement of the internal combustion engine thought up by Mercedes-Benz. With its novel controlled auto ignition (CAI), direct fuel injection and turbocharging, it combines the high power of the spark-ignition engine with the exemplary torque and great fuel economy of a diesel. The drive system in the F 700, as four-cylinder featuring two-stage charging, attains the performance level of a current S-Class car with a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 gasoline engine or the 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel.

Source: Automotive News

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