Well that was fast. Just as the proverbial ink becomes dry on Mercedes’ news it will offer a truck by 2020, but not in the U.S., the automaker counters itself saying, “We are open, and let us assess the market.”

The statement comes from Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA. He continued saying, “If that leads to us saying ‘green light,’ then we will bring it.” Recall that Mercedes had originally slated the upcoming truck for only four world markets: Europe, Latin America, Australia, and South Africa. It would be sold as an extension of Mercedes’ popular van lineup and would be more of a work vehicle than a luxury item.

That would change if the truck crosses the U.S. border. "Not every pickup in the U.S. is going to job sites. Just drive around Greenwich, Conn., and see how many pickups there are," Cannon points out about the swanky community. “You realize this is not a demographic that is showing up with their work boots on job sites. Those sales are taken care of by the domestics." Undoubtedly Cannon sees the open opportunity for profitability in the luxury truck market.

He points out, "For a Mercedes-Benz household that has a lot of stuff or a lot of kids or they want to tow the boat – we could offer something to customers who are already luxury-predisposed.”

However, Cannon and Mercedes will need to determine truck sales will reach roughly 10,000 units annually before commitments are made. The decision must be made quickly, however, as the truck must be developed with U.S. safety and emissions regulations in mind. We can expect an answer by the end of 2015.

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Why it matters

If Mercedes dolls us this new midsize truck with Mercedes-like luxury bits, it truck will surely be a hit. Expect the truck to be offered in a crew cab, short bed configuration only with a gasoline and diesel option, along with both 2WD and 4WD.

Cannon himself pointed out the target audience – current Mercedes-Benz households. While conquest customers might come its way, a Mercedes pickup would likely find homes with other Mercedes in the driveway. Remember, this won’t be a workin’ man’s F-150 or the company truck for the local plumbing crew. This will be a status symbol capable of doing work – towing boats or hauling golf clubs.

Mercedes has already had great success with its Sprinter lineup, and according to statements made by Cannon, Mercedes nervously introduced the van to the U.S. market with reservations about its impact on the three-pointed star. Let’s see if Mercedes is bold enough to try this a second time. From where I sit, a luxo-truck from Mercedes would sell rather well.

2020 Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck

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