Mercedes has partnered with Google and Yahoo to provide their driver with some on board maps... But hold on a minute don’t they have GPS already on board ? Sure they do, and Mercedes owner pay a hefty premium for the navigation of course. But apparently the system is so poorly designed that they’d rather use Google Maps instead.

But the real question is why can’t Mercedes make their navigation system to work better ? Or at least make a deal with Google or Yahoo to embed their technology on board without having to go through a website.

So a note to all future Mercedes Owner, simply save the $ 2500 on board navigation option and stop by best buy to get a $200 TOM TOM !

For the unfortunate Mercedes owner who already spent the money on the navigation system here is how it will work:

Mercedes owners will be able to go to their favorite map website and choose the ’send to car’ function. Once your location or itinerary is sent to your car, you will simply press the ’i’ button in your Mercedes and the map will be available for immediate or future use. why make it simple when it can be complicated.


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