Americans can not get enough of Suv’s and neither can competiting automotive manufacturers. Mercedes is working on a rival for BMW X3’s which will be appropriately labeled the Mercedes GLK. This top secret small Suv is being tested in Scandinavia and Germany. When the GLK hits it will also compete with the Audi Q5, Volco XC60 , and VW Tiguan , all which will be competiting against each other for the best small Suv.

Its offroad manners will be quite nice in 4x4 form while the 2 wheel drive version will be limited to the streets. The GLK will borrow its platform from the C-class Estate. In addition to this, the independent suspension shall also serve quite well on the new GLK.

What is the model line for the new GLK?

• GLK 280
• GLK 350
• GLK 63 AMG
• GLK 220 CDI
• GLK 320 CDI

What type of options will be available?

- * Brake Assist Plus
- * Presafe Plus
- * Radar activated cruise control

Ulimately the new GLK will be dressed and fully opted to impress the small Suv driver. It will look like a "mini GL" class suv and in AMG form will blow the doors of an X3. Stay tuned for more GLK information.


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