• Mercedes Has a Good Reason For Only Offering A Four-Cylinder In the New C-Class

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Since last year, we’ve been getting reports that the next-generation C63 AMG will feature an inline-four. This transition marks the beginning of the end for the hand-built AMG V-8 engines that we all know and love. Needless to say, such a decision raised more than a few eyebrows. AMG’s now-former CEO, Tobias Moers, stepped down from his position a few weeks after the meeting that sealed the C63’s fate. His work with AMG is not entirely done, however, since he is now the CEO of Aston Martin. As we know the British brand has struck a deal with Mercedes to use some of its technology. This includes the AMG 4.0-liter V-8 unit, which will probably be the swan song for Affalterbach’s V-8 rumble.

Mercedes Has a Good Reason For Only Offering A Four-Cylinder In the New C-Class Wallpaper quality Exterior
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It appears the new W206 generation of the C-class will be focused on more compact packaging with regards to the powertrain.

The chief engineer for the W206, Christian Früh, explained how the use of a straight-six engine would have increased the front-end length by two inches (5.1cm) and would put more load on the front axle, thus affecting driving dynamics.
Mercedes Has a Good Reason For Only Offering A Four-Cylinder In the New C-Class Wallpaper quality Exterior
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This could mean two things. For once, this could mean that the next C63 AMG should be much sharper than the previous generations. The other thing we can deduct is that, if the AMG variant will have no more than four cylinders, the same might be true for the rest of the engine options. This would mean that even the inline-six engines will be going out of production at some point.

Mercedes Has a Good Reason For Only Offering A Four-Cylinder In the New C-Class Exterior
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Such decisions are hardly a surprise since stricter emissions require manufacturers to make decisions they don’t necessarily want to take. At the same time, the question with packaging is also being more stressed since modern cars come with substantially more tech on board than they used to back in the day. Big changes are coming in the automotive scene and some of them, for better or worse, will change the way a brand is being perceived, forever. AMG cars are known, above all else, for their character. Only time will tell, how much of it will remain, with the V-8 and inline-sixtaken out of the equation.

2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Powertrain Specifications
C 300 C 300 4MATIC
Displacement cc 1,999 1,999
Output hp 255 255
at rpm 5,800 5,800
Add. output (boost) hp 20 20
Peak torque lb-ft 295 295
at rpm 2,000-3,200 2,000-3,200
Add. torque (boost) lb-ft 148 148
Acceleration 0-60 mph s 5.9 5.9
Top speed* mph 130 130

Source: Automotive News Europe

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