The Mercedes-Benz Musuem in Stuttgart, Germany will host two special exhibitions over the next few months that’s sure to captivate the imaginations of Mercedes-lovers and car freaks everywhere.

The first of these two exhibits will run from November 2009 to March 2010 and is being called “A Journey of Innovations”. This exhibit will highlight the evolution of the Mercedes brand from its humble beginnings more than 100 years ago to its current status as one of the premier carmakers in the world. Among the cars that are scheduled to be displayed includes a Benz Patent Motor Car of 1886, a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL from 1955, a 2009 E 250 CDI, and one of the brand’s latest creations, the S 400 HYBRID.

The museum’s other new exhibit – which will run from December 2009 to January 2010 – is all about the future of the Silver Arrows. Titled as ‘Concept BlueZERO’, the exhibit will highlight three unique vehicles that Mercedes hopes to launch sometime in the future. Taking advantage of its new BlueZERO technology, the brand will display a BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS with an electric motor and an auxiliary internal combustion engine, a BlueZERO E-CELL that comes with an exclusive battery electric drive, and a BlueZERO F-CELL, which is equipped with a fuel cell technology. All three cars are being displayed to show the remarkable gains Mercedes has achieved in their efforts in developing vehicles that come with alternative drive systems.

Both exhibits are bilingual – a choice between English or German – so you won’t have any problems keeping up with the guides. The Mercedes Musem is open from every day except Mondays, from 9 am to 6 pm. If you happen to be in Stuttgart at the time when these exhibits are open, it might be worth your time to give it a look-see.

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Mercedes-Benz Museum: A winter full of innovations

In winter 2009/ 2010 the Mercedes-Benz Museum will be presenting two special exhibitions focusing on innovations and pioneering technologies at Mercedes-Benz. These are A Journey of Innovations, which runs from November 2009 until March 2010, and Concept BlueZERO, from mid December 2009 to the end of January 2010.

“To round off the year we are showing these two special exhibitions, demonstrating once again that we are a museum which deals with the past, present and future,” says Michael Bock, managing director of Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH. “Innovation is a tradition here at Daimler. While one of the exhibitions documents the advances made over the last 123 years to the present day, the other focuses on future developments of the Mercedes-Benz brand.”

3 November 2009 - 21 March 2010: A Journey of Innovations

For the second time this year the museum will be staging an exhibition in Collection 5. This special exhibition will form the final stage of the Collection tour, the theme-based journey that takes in the major topics and events at Mercedes-Benz down the years. Nine vehicles, including the Benz Patent Motor Car of 1886, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL of 1955, the E 250 CDI of 2009 and the S 400 HYBRID, will serve to illustrate how the concept of mobility has been constantly redefined over the course of time.

Ever since the invention of the automobile by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, Mercedes-Benz has regularly brought fundamental innovations to the market. These have set new standards in terms of comfort, safety and drive systems – from the introduction of supercharger technology and direct fuel injection to the use of diesel engines for production passenger cars and alternative technologies such as hydrogen, electric or hybrid drive systems. A summary of the vehicles can be found at

15 December 2009 - 31 January 2010: Concept BlueZERO

For seven weeks the Mercedes-Benz Museum will be presenting the special exhibition Concept BlueZERO in the Fascination of Technology section. The exhibition will show developments in the field of alternative drive systems and provide insights into tomorrow’s world of mobility.

Custom-built electric drive technology is the idea behind the near-series study Concept BlueZERO which has just been presented at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. As the key to sustainable individual mobility, electric drive systems are set to play a crucial role in the years ahead. The exhibition shows three vehicle studies featuring various drive systems: the BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS with electric drive and auxiliary internal combustion engine, the BlueZERO E-CELL equipped purely with a battery electric drive and the BlueZERO F-CELL equipped with fuel cell technology. An expert is on hand to explain to visitors the technologies on which they are based. Admission to the exhibition area on the museum’s lowest floor is free.

Both exhibitions are bilingual (German/ English). The Mercedes-Benz Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday and on public holidays from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Closed on Mondays. Further information for visitors is available at or from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Customer Center on tel. 0711 / 17-30 000. The address of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is: Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart.

Source: Mercedes

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  (858) posted on 03.21.2011

Mercedes car are such fascinating and wonderful to look forward in the museum. And the Mercedes museum is not that odd looking. The building actually
looks like a paint gallery.

  (648) posted on 10.21.2010

so automobiles have been around long enough for museums.
interesting had to send a document to an office on different continent, i scanned it and then tried to attach it to an email as a graphic file... and failed.

  (806) posted on 10.21.2010

A winter full of innovations.. that sounds good. can’t wait to see that..

  (329) posted on 10.18.2010

This is a great place to visit. Even my wife, shot is no car fan, enjoyed it. Makes you realize all the technical innovations that MB is responsible for, and goes a long way towards making you think you should be driving one of their cars if you can. Now if only their modern reliability was as good as...

  (612) posted on 01.4.2010

Although internet is that helpful for us by giving information about the history of all cars, I want to try the old way. By going on that museum and note some information about the history of Mercedes. Also you can take a closer look on the cars from the past.

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