Wouldn’t it be completely awesome if you flagged a taxi in the future and this vehicle came along to pick you up? Sure, it’s wishful thinking, but what would the world come to if people just stopped dreaming?

Straight from the mind of Slavche Tanevski, a design student from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, is this novel concept taxi he’s calling the Mercedes-Benz Nimbus Concept. As part of his work as an intern at the Mercedes Exterior Design Studio, Tanveski’s design of the taxi of the future is as innovative as any concept we’ve seen in a while.

The Nimbus concept is powered by a four hub-mounted electric motor that’s supported by lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle’s peculiar shape also allows for a more spacious interior cabin with space for both a driver and passenger cabin with the latter capable of seating of three to five people at a time.

Lord knows what’s going to happen in the days and years to come, but if this concept vehicle is an indication of how snazzy public transportation is going to become in the future, then you can expect a lot of people, including us, to prefer hailing a cab as opposed to bringing our own cars out on the road.


Source: Car Design

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