• Mercedes Prepares for Christmas With a Whole Bunch of Auto-Themed Products

There’s a gift in this catalog for everyone, including you and your kids

Like most automakers, Mercedes is gearing up for the holidays in its own way. Christmas, after all, is a few weeks away, and if you’re in a time crunch to buy gifts for your loved ones, the German automaker can hook you up with a catalog Mercedes-branded items. Fancy something classy? There’s a "his and hers" watch that you can buy for your significant other. Running out of gift ideas for your child? A balance bike should put a smile on his or her face. Mercedes’ Christmas catalog runs long, and it runs deep. There’s a gift in there for everyone, including yourself, that is if you happen to be into something like golf.

Mercedes 2018 Holiday Christmas Catalog

Mercedes Prepares for Christmas With a Whole Bunch of Auto-Themed Products
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We’ve all been there. It’s a few weeks until Christmas, and you haven’t bought anything for your loved ones. You could just call it in and just give them money, or you can rush to the nearest Target, pick up whatever you can find, and pass them off as presents that were thought of and bought with love. You can do any of these things, or you can look up Mercedes-Benz’s holiday collection to see what you can buy from the catalog. Merc’s holiday collection is littered with goodies for people of all age and sizes. If you’re desperate enough, you can buy all the items in the catalog and give specific items to people who will appreciate them. Let’s run through a few of the items, shall we?

For those who are into golf, you can buy them a golf gift set that Mercedes created with the help of golf equipment manufacturer TaylorMade.

The gift box includes three “Tour Preferred X” golf balls, a divot tool with a ball marker, golf towel, and ten tees, all of which come with Mercedes-Benz lettering. It’s a slick gift idea for people you love who play golf, and it’ll only hit you in the wallet to the tune of $85. You can even pair this gift with Mercedes-branded polo shirts that cost anywhere from $30 to $150 or a Nike pouch gift set that includes three Nike RZN Red golf balls that are said to have lower driver spin for longer carry. Even better, it’s on sale now for just $29. If you know a lady who plays golf, you can buy her the “Burner Lady” 3-golf balls with a violet Mercedes-Benz print. This gift item comes with a two-piece lothane design and REACT CORE technology, ensuring that it has outstanding flying characteristics. We didn’t see a price of this particular gift, but if you’re interested in buying it, expect to spend somewhere in the $80 to $100 range.

Mercedes Prepares for Christmas With a Whole Bunch of Auto-Themed Products
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Let’s move away from the golf-related items and look into some gift ideas for the significant other. If you want to score serious husband/wife points, you can buy a classic Christmas gift: the wristwatch. Mercedes happens to have a few models worth looking into, including the “Classic Lady Silver,” which comes with a silver-colored dial with steel-colored Roman numerals and indexes, as well as the historical Mercedes star. It also features a stainless steel Milanese band that gives it a nice feminine touch. We couldn’t see a price for the Classic Lady Silver watch, but expect it to fetch well into the $400 to $500 range. If budget is a consideration, we found a cool-looking watch for less than $200. At just $199, you can give your beautiful wife the Rosewood watch, which features with a Rosewood case, a black dial, and a soft leather strap. It even comes with a black cylinder case with the Mercedes Star printed on top and Mercedes-Benz printed on the side.

Obviously, Christmas is all about the kids, right?

Mercedes-Benz knows this, and it’s prepared a number of gift options that are sure to put smiles on your little ones’ faces.

The first option is the Carl the hooded bear towel and hot water bottle that takes the shape of a cutesy teddy bear. The towel itself is made from 100 percent cotton with the teddy’s head serving as the cap that can cover your child’s head. The hot water bottle, on the other hand, is covered in polyester plush, which represents the teddy’s bearskin. I don’t understand the reason behind it other than it’s soft and fluffy to touch, but I trust in the instincts of Mercedes’ product planners.

Mercedes Prepares for Christmas With a Whole Bunch of Auto-Themed Products
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In the event that you’d like to give your child something that he can enjoy in places not counting the bathroom, you can give him the Mercedes-AMG balance bike. Not only is it use an aluminum frame, but it also rides on 12-inch “Schwalbe Big Apple” wheels. The seat is also adjustable from 41 to 47 cm (16.1 to 18.5 inches), making it suitable for children ages 3 and above. Don’t worry, too, if your child isn’t three years old yet, Mercedes has an alternative gift for the little tyke. The Bobby-AMG GT S ride-on toy makes for one heck of a first vehicle. Sure, it doesn’t have an actual AMG engine, but it does come with a Solarbeam paint finish inspired by the actual Mercedes-AMG GT S and LED front and rear light functions. Not a bad gift for an 18-month old baby who probably doesn’t know that he’s getting, right?

On the flip side, children who are old enough to travel in style would look cooler if they’re rolling a suitcase in the shape of a Mercedes G-Class.

The suitcase is stylish, but it’s also very functional. Inside, there are elastic straps on the lower shell. It also has a partitioned off compartment in the upper shell where your child can stow his clothes and toys conveniently. As cool as the G-Class luggage is, it’s still not the coolest gift in the catalog, at least in my mind. That distinction goes to the red plush house slippers in the shape of, you guessed it, the G-Class. Mind you; these aren’t just normal pairs of flip-flops. They actually come with headlamps, a radiator grille, and a spare wheel the back for reasons that I’m still not sure. Either way, the whole thing looks awesome. The only problem is that Mercedes only carries shoe sizes from 28 to 33, as well as smaller adults with shoe sizes from 34 to 39. If your feet don’t fit into these sizes, you’re out of luck.

Mercedes Prepares for Christmas With a Whole Bunch of Auto-Themed Products
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Fortunately, there are a wealth of other items that are available in Mercedes’ holiday catalog. You can score an AMG carabiner keychain that’s made from stainless steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum. You can also get a USB flash drive in the shape of the Mercedes AMG GT R, a Love keychain from Fritzi aus Preußen, and a three-piece fingernail polish set in case you’re into that sort of thing.

Mercedes’ new holiday collection is as good a place as any to do your Christmas shopping. Who knows, if you like the items enough, you might end up buying yourself an actual Mercedes-AMG GT R.Wouldn’t that be the perfect Christmas gift for yourself?

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Stuttgart. Not just fans of the brand with the star will be thrilled by the gift ideas from the Mercedes-Benz Collection. This 2018 Selection ranges from high-quality pieces of jewellery and watches, to practical everyday helpers and great Christmas presents for children. Fine designs and high-quality materials characterise the entire Mercedes-Benz Collection product range, and on some products, the Stuttgart premium vehicle manufacturer also cooperates with other renowned brand manufacturers. In this broad Christmas selection, for instance, everyone will find something suitable for their family and friends, or simply a nice little something for people who have been good to them.

For ambitious golfers the Mercedes-Benz Collection has a large golf gift set which was created in cooperation with the renowned American manufacturer TaylorMade®. The fine gift box contains three "Tour Preferred X" golf balls, a divot tool, as well as a ball marker and a golf towel, each adorned with the star logo. The gift set also includes ten tees with Mercedes-Benz lettering. The gift idea of "Burner Lady" 3-golf balls with a violet Mercedes-Benz print has been specially created with her in mind. The 2-piece Iothane™ design and the REACT CORE™ ensure outstanding flying characteristics. In the same range there is the matching golf sports bag, in white with violet and black highlights. It securely holds all the required utensils in its main zippable compartments and various side pockets. The ball set and the bag are also from TaylorMade® for Mercedes-Benz.

You can always keep an eye on time (together) with the Mercedes-Benz wrist-watches. The models for her and him are classically elegant and seem timeless. The "Classic Lady Silver", for example, is characterised by a silver-coloured dial with steel-coloured Roman numerals and indexes as well as the historical Mercedes star. The stainless steel Milanese band lends the watch its feminine look. The housing of the business chronograph watch for him is partially coated with black PVD, harmoniously surrounding the black face. Sunray embossing in the counter eyes and steel-coloured hour indexes with Super-LumiNova® and luminous hands plus the discreetly positioned Mercedes star underscore the sportily elegant look.

Accessories such as wallets, keychains and bags are useful helpers which will bring pleasure every day. One multi-talented example is the black polyester rucksack, with high-quality cowhide leather details, which also cuts a fine figure as a bag. The various inside and outside compartments ensure order and the padded back part of the backpack makes it comfortable to wear. While travelling, the rucksack can be easily hung on the handle of a trolley suitcase. Another attractive gift idea is the black wallet made of calfskin with RFID protection and several compartments for notes, cards and coins.

A sporty AMG design characterises the AMG carabiner keychain in a combination of stainless steel, carbon fibre and aluminium. The eye-catching feature with silver-coloured highlights is the red lobster clasp with a red rotation mechanism. Three additional rings enable individual keys to be exchanged or removed quickly. Another unique product is the USB flash drive in the shape of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R in the signal colour Green light magno. The vehicle itself is produced by the model car specialist Diecast. The storage medium has a capacity of 16 GB. It is a USB 2.0 and is compatible with all the usual operating systems.

The collection of bags and accessories by Fritzi aus Preußen designed for Mercedes-Benz are very fashionable gift ideas and are 100% leather-free. The handbag and the matching purse made of robust, high-quality polyurethane artificial leather are ideal companions for both business wear and city strolls. In the various inside compartments and the zipped pocket on the back of the handbag, belongings can stored safely. The handbag can be closed with a drawstring and there is a small D-ring for fastening a keychain. The Mercedes star is discreetly embossed on the front side of the bag. The rectangular purse is closed with a press stud in the shape of a star and on the inside it are several compartments for notes, cards and coins.

The Love keychain from Fritzi aus Preußen for Mercedes-Benz in blue and red is an attractive to the collection. Attached to the lettering “LOVE”, made of die-cast zinc and like-leather, are flat split ring with three mini flat split rings and a carabiner for hanging additional items.

The 3-set finger nail polish makes an especially striking Christmas surprise, and this not just for Mercedes owners. The vails contain the original vehicle paint colours denim blue, Jupiter-red and orient brown. They are produced by LCN in Luxembourg for Mercedes-Benz. Nails to match your vehicle – now that’s certainly something you don’t see every day!

For kids, a Mercedes-Benz Collection item under the Christmas tree can set off a fireworks display! The child’s suitcase in the shape of a fire red G-Class will attract the attention all fellow travellers. The interior is functional with elastic straps in the lower shell, as well as a partitioned off compartment in the upper shell were toys and clothes can be stowed away tidily. As is the case with the original G-Class models, the suitcase has wheels and becomes pull-mobile with a pull-out handle. At the holiday destination or when travel is over, the G-Class suitcase can readily be for use as a toy car.

Another stylish speedster for the little ones is the balance bike in red, white and black with Mercedes-AMG lettering on its aluminium frame. It rides on 12-inch “ Schwalbe Big Apple” wheels. The seat is adjustable from 41 to 47 cm, thus it is suitable for children aged 3 and above or for those from a height of approx. 85 cm. For even smaller ones, Mercedes offers children, from 18 months, the Bobby-AMG GT S ride-on toy as is an attractive first vehicle. Its LED front and rear light function and its cult paint finish Solarbeam are inspired by the actual Mercedes-AMG GT S.

After lots present opening and playing with new toys, it’s time to cuddle. The Carl the bear hooded towel and the hot water bottle in the shape of a cute teddy bear makes this much easier. The towel is 100% cotton and adorned with a bear’s head as the cap. The hot water bottle is covered in the bearskin made of polyester plush. There is a 3D Mercedes star stud in the ear. The red plush house slippers in the shape of a G-Class ensure that small feet are kept warm. True to the original G-Class style, they feature headlamps, a radiator grille and a spare wheel at the rear of the ‘vehicle’. The anti-slip shoe sole prevents children with a shoe size from 28 to 33 and smaller adults with a shoe size of 34 to 39 from slipping when on the go!

Illustrated products:

Golf gift set, large, approx. 29 x 21 x 5 cm, B6 645 0126

"Burner Lady" golf balls, set of 3, B6 645 0078

Golf sports bag, nylon, white/plum, approx. 56 x 31 x 29 cm, B6 645 0154

Ladies’ "Classic Lady Silver" watch, Ronda 773 Swiss Movt., B6 604 1621

Men’s business chronograph, water-resistant to 10 ATM, diameter approx. 42 mm, Ronda 5030 movt., Swiss made, B6 695 3530

Rucksack, approx. 40.5 x 15 x 30.5 cm, B6 695 4122

Wallet, calfskin, approx. 12.5, x 2 x 10 cm, B6 695 3960

Mercedes-AMG carabiner keychain, approx. 10 cm, B6 695 3430

Mercedes-AMG GT USB flash drive, approx. 6.8 x 3 x 1.7 cm, B6 695 3476

Handbag, polyurethane, approx. 36 x 15 x 32 cm, B6 695 3729

Wallet, polyurethane, approx. 19 x 3 x 11 cm, B6 695 3728

Love keychain, leather/die-cast zinc, length approx. 14 cm, B6 695 3619

Set of 3 nail varnishes, each bottle with approx. 8 ml, B6 695 4147

Children’s suitcase, polypropylene, approx. 48 x 24 x 20 cm, B6 695 4102

Balance bike, weight approx. 3.7 kg, B6 645 0127

Children’s ride-on AMG GT S, B6 696 2000

Carl hooded towel, washable at 60°C, approx. 100 x 100 cm, B6 695 3691

Carl hot water bottle, cover washable at 30°C, approx. 22 x 12 x 50 cm, B6 695 3692

Plush slippers, polyester plush, shoe size 28-33 B6 695 3257, shoe size 34-39 B6 695 3258

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