Lorinser Sportservice has revealed the early details of the first tuning kit for the new Mercedes S-Class. The kit includes: new spoiler at front and a discrete diffuser at the back, side skirts, a small roof spoiler, a boot lid wing, and the traditional Lorinser side vents.

The car sits on 9×21-inch front tires with 265/30 and 10×21-inch tires with 295/30 for the rear. And if you want to make your limousine sound like a muscle car, you can get a set of sports mufflers.

Updated 04/12/2010: Lorinser unveiled today official details on their tuning kit for the S-Class. Thanks to a newly programmed control unit, modified turbo charging and fuel injection as well as an optimized exhaust system with sports exhaust, the engine delivers an extra 110 hp. Also the speed limiter has been removed and the Lorinser S-Class can hit a top speed of 205 mph.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Already since 1981 Sportservice Lorinser, located in Waiblingen/Southern Germany develops and produces exclusive tuning for nearly all Mercedes automobiles. The latest creation is a stylish individualization for the facelifted S-Class. Cultivated shapes are the hallmarks of the unobtrusive exterior design by Lorinser. Nothing seems flashy or artificial. All components perfectly go with the car body design. The company offers noble light-alloy wheels and exquisite accessories for the interior as well as powerful performance increase. This way, a wide range of individualization possibilities has been created to meet the highest requirements.

Mercedes S-Class by Lorinser Exterior
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Already when defining the design, Lorinser perfectly adjusts the individual components of the aerodynamics set. The front with the newly designed spoiler bumper complements with the rear skirt, the roof spoiler and the rear lip in a harmonious way. Discreet side skirts are the visual connection between the front and rear part of the car. The new Lorinser S-Class exactly looks the way it drives: dynamic, agile and full of vitality, combined with the superior elegance of the upper class automobile.

In addition to the dynamic look, Lorinser offers powerful performance increase for the six-, eight- and twelve cylinder engines. By applying the Lorinser Diesel Module to the S 350 CDI, renders an additional output of 22 kW / 30 hp. For the twelve-cylinder top model, the Mercedes-specialist developed the performance kit LV 12 Biturbo. A newly programmed control unit, modified turbo charging and fuel injection as well as an optimized exhaust system with sports exhaust increase the engine performance of the S-Class by approximately 81 kW / 110 hp compared to the original power values. As the limitation of the top speed has been removed, the car now achieves 330 km/h instead of formerly 250 km/h.

Mercedes S-Class by Lorinser High Resolution Exterior
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A wide-ranging selection of wheel/tire combinations renders perfect grip. One of the highlights of the rim program is the polished 22 inch aluminum wheel type RS9. The modern style of the mono-block design reflects in the five slotted triple spokes. Precisely milled surfaces and modern processing techniques guarantee highest bearing loads at a low weight. The maximum dimension offered by Lorinser is a light-alloy wheel in the dimension 10x22 ET35 with 275/25ZR22 tires at the front axle and 10x22 ET40 with 295/25ZR22 tires at the back axle.

In addition to the serial interior, Lorinser offers exquisite accessories. Chrome-plated pedals and door locking knobs perfectly complement the leather-edged floor mat set with an embroidered Lorinser logo and illuminated doorsills. If desired everything up to entire leather interior can be produced with hand-made precision.

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  (798) posted on 12.19.2010

another great custom benz from the in-house MB tuner, I must admit that most of the Lorinser is one of the best collectible cars just like the AC Schnitzer by BMW.

  (612) posted on 04.20.2010

Wonderful aero-kits but based on it’s looks i bet this kits are very expensive.

  (708) posted on 04.14.2010

I can’t wait for the brabus get their hand of the new S-Class.

  (428) posted on 04.13.2010

Doesn’t look bad, very nice, and those turbine style rims are one of the best looking rims on the market, very nice and almost suits all the cars.

  (765) posted on 04.13.2010

Hey what to the ACSchnitzer has to do with it? Very fine body line AMG has taken this S-class to the top.

  (518) posted on 04.12.2010

hmm AC Schnitzer is the counter part of Lorinzer from Merc and both are in house tuner.

  (647) posted on 03.14.2010

I’ll definitely wait for further and specific details, it’s always your habit hanging the best part.

  (544) posted on 03.11.2010

A limousine sounding like a muscle? Sounds interesting. Anyhow, are there any discussions on how the additional kits and parts will improve the cars performance?

  (1332) posted on 03.10.2010

Lovely side vents, isn’t that amazing to see an S-Class tuned to more more Luxury yet aggressive?

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