TheF125 Concept concept unveiled as Mercedes’ 125th anniversary is not just a simple coincidence. Next to featuring impressive gullwing doors, the concept is also featuring a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, high-priced materials, computer-assisted driving, advanced telematics. You will say that the F125 will never make it to production, but according to Mercedes this concept might in fact inspire the 2025 S-Class.

"This is a visionary outlook that’s the direction we have to go with large cars. This research car was built with the perspective of, what does a car in 2025 look like? — more than two generations ahead," said Thomas Weber r&d chief for Daimler AG in a recent interview.

The biggest challenge for 2025 will be to hit a range up to 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) completely emissions free. Next to this the company is also consider an unproven method, a lithium-sulfur battery, to increase energy density and new Kevlar-like material to store hydrogen in the body cavities, increasing onboard hydrogen capacity and range.

"These two technologies are advanced, next-generation technologies, but they are not in the heavens," he said. "It’s clear what kinds of technologies we are looking for. We believe as a visionary forecast in 2020, 2025, these kinds of cars are possible."


Source: Automotive News

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