The debut is going to happen tomorrow, and we can’t contain our excitement

The Mercedes EQC is having its world debut tomorrow, September 4, and lo and behold, Mercedes has just dropped the most revealing teaser of the highly anticipated all-electric crossover so far. The new teaser shows us a lot of the electric SUV, albeit in quick cuts to still keep a good amount of intrigue surrounding the model. Despite its unveiling, the Mercedes EQC is not going on sale anytime soon, at least not this year. Mercedes hasn’t intimated a specific timetable for its launch, opting only to say that it will happen sometime in 2019.

The new teaser video is far from conclusive, but with the EQC’s debut scheduled for tomorrow, we can wait for the real thing to finally introduce itself to the world. From what we can tell, the new teaser focuses a lot on sections of the electric crossover that’s been revealed before. Cuts from the front section, for example, show the EQC’s new headlamps and front grille. Likewise, the rear section reveals the taillamps that run from one side of the crossover to another.

The interior of the crossover is also prominently featured in the teaser video. We see the steering wheel, the digital instrument cluster, the center console, and a good amount of material that we expect will be in the production model when it’s revealed tomorrow.

The most important aspect of the teaser, though, is the side profile of the EQC, an angle that we haven’t seen before.

The first things you’ll notice are the headlamps and taillamps. Both are turned on, giving the crossover a bit of dimensional perspective considering every other part of the model is hidden in the shadows. But the fact that the EQC is hidden in the shadows is why this angle of the crossover is important.

Mercedes Showcases the Silhouette of the new, 2020 EQC Electric SUV in New Teaser
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Compare the production EQC’s silhouette to that of the Mercedes EQ Concept, the model from which the EQC is based on, and you’ll notice that the profile of both crossovers look exactly the same. Granted, we expect a lot of changes in the physical design of the EQC compared to its concept counterpart, but it is telling that the profile of the crossover fits right into what Mercedes was trying to sell with the concept version.

Is the Mercedes EQC going to have more similarities with the concept version? It’s too early to say, but the good news is that we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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