After the fake Porsche Cayenne / Lamborghini SUV seen on the Ring, now Edmunds show us a video of the Mercedes SLC to come in 2011. It looks like , huh... a Dodge Viper! For real it seems that the new game of car maker is now to put fake bodies on top of their test drive cars.

We can understand them considering that all their testing ground are crawling with professional spy Photographer who will put their precious engineering secret on front page a few hours after they hit the roads.

Although the true car fans will still see through the disguise. Those shot might be a lot harder to on magazine cover without creating some overwhelming confusion. without even talking about the legal repercussion as Dodge might not appreciate to see their Viper named the new Mercedes SLC !

Mercedes SLC under heavy disguise
- image 195692

Anyway, go check out the Viper Mercedes SLC video at Inside Line (link below).

Source: Inside Line

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