Mercedes is preparing a facelift for the SLK roadster that will be unveiled in 2008. The third generation SLK will be internally named R172 and like any roadster will feature a foldable hardtop option.

There are rumors pointing that Mercedes will continue using a “nose” design inspired by that of their F1 car for their sports cars. In 2001, Mercedes have presented the F400 Carving concept, and advanced roadster design, featuring top-edge automotive technology. While this sophisticated technology of the F400’s drive train could not be road-used. Design elements could. And our best guess is that the new SLK will feature a very dynamic design, making of serious departure from the styling of the previous models. This design revolution will be required in order to maintain the SLK’s technological advantage to the competition.

Source: Autozeitung

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pdaix  (431) posted on 03.19.2007

This looks like a regular SLK with a few black stickers of course...

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