The Mercedes SLR McLaren is the stripper of the automotive world. It showed up looking sexy and sleek in 2003, but soon people got distracted by the new girls at the ‘Prancing Horse’. So the little one of German-Anglo decent said, “What you don’t like me anymore? Why don’t I take off my top?” And the roadster appeared in 2007.

Now the SLR is getting old, and they’re less rich men coming to she her do her thing. So the SLR says, “Wait! Look at me now. I’ve lost weight and I’ve taken even more off!” In an effort to get a few more bucks before the SLR gets too old and needs to retire, the Speedster version will debut in 2009. The loss of windows and other creature comforts makes her 440 lb lighter than any other version and should have a top speed of round 220 mph.

As you can tell from our original rendering, she’s still sexy after all these years. Just like a stripper, it will cost a lot to take the SLR home (possibly over $1 million), but you’ll also have a lot of great stories to tell your friends.


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  (33) posted on 08.11.2008

Hey, did they steal those rear fenders from a ’99 Tiburon?

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