Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series will deliver 630 HP

2014 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series Exclusive Renderings
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The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series is due to be unveiled sometime in the third quarter of 2014 and details on it are already leaking out. A Mercedes insider has provided WCF with details on the design and power output of the future Black Series.

Aaccording to the Mercedes insider, the SLS Black Series will be powered by an updated version of the current 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine with its output taken up to an impressive 630 HP. With the extra power, the Black Series version should be significantly faster than the standard SLS: the sprint from 0 to 60 mph is believed to be made in just 3.4 seconds - down from the current 3.7 seconds.

As for the car’s exterior look, the design should follow along with the look of the recently announced SLS AMG GT3 45th Anniversary, but with a modified front bumper, a new carbon fiber hood with a center scoop, carbon fiber air intakes, and a huge carbon fiber rear spoiler.

The SLS AMG Black Series will officially be unveiled in the third quarter of 2014 and only 100 units will be offered for the US market.


Source: WCF

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caromania  (9) posted on 10.24.2012

i wonder what would be the pick and power of the car if Mercedes were to add bi turbo or superchargers to it. maybe they can make a sls amg black series gt with the turbos or superchargers who knows?

caromania  (305) posted on 10.21.2012

this is one way to make a good car better. now, the next step would be for the ones at brabus to come in, LOL smiley

caromania  (302) posted on 10.21.2012

the black series is meant for those who want the most rugged version of the car. and for the ones who have the cash to buy it!

caromania  (312) posted on 10.21.2012

they once did a black series version of a cl, if i remember well. its suspensions were so hard it broke your back going over a coin!

caromania  (305) posted on 10.21.2012

the black series has always been special. i just hope they won’t make it a too hard core version of the car.

caromania  (422) posted on 10.21.2012

considering how much it is going to cost, it will only be available to the likes of bruce wayne or other millionaires.

caromania  (452) posted on 10.21.2012

maybe the guys at amg will pick that line up and make it shoot fire AND in mate black body paint. then it will look, go and sound like a true bat mobile.

caromania  (475) posted on 10.21.2012

for it to come close to a bat mobile, it has to shoot flames from its exhaust. lambo’s can do that. can the sls amg black series do that?

caromania  (509) posted on 10.21.2012

i hope they will keep the mate black paint. that makes it look like a bat mobile!

caromania  (542) posted on 10.21.2012

the back series is expected to be better. so it will be. what’s the surprise?

caromania  (516) posted on 10.21.2012

all i could read was carbon fiber, power, power, better...i like it smiley !

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