• Mercedes SLS AMG drops by a gathering of classic 300 SLs in California

A gathering of Mercedes 300 SLs recently occurred at Sedona, California and it had a special guest attendee: the new Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing.
We also heard that among the classic 300SLs that showed up for the gathering included an ultra-rare 1955 300 SL Alloy coupe. All in all, over 30 of the Gullwing’s ancestors showed up for the occasion.

With people from all walks of life gushing over the SLS AMG Gullwing, it would take a really beautiful car to take any attention away from Mercedes’ new supercar. But on this day, just like a young pup showing respect to its elders, the SLS AMG didn’t try to steal the spotlight and settled for just blending in.

Besides, with over 30 cars that are considered as classics these days, it’s kind of hard to steal their thunder.


Source: Teamspeed

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