While we all still fret over the still-to-be-finalized release date of Gran Turismo 5, another equally important question has surfaced recently: which car will have the privilege of gracing the cover of the most hotly-anticipated car racing game in five years?

Well, if you take the word of GT5 Creative Director, Kazunori Yamaguchi, then he has an opinion on one car that’s in the running – so to speak – to grace the cover of GT5: the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing.

Sony has not made anything official as of yet but according to Yamaguchi, the SLS AMG is one of the favorites to be featured on the cover of GT5. “"The foremost reason is that the SLS AMG will probably be the most exciting car in the world when Gran Turismo 5 is released ... Also, in terms of styling and driving performance as well, it’s probably the hottest car around right now," he says.

We’re not arguing the fact that the SLS AMG is right up there at the top of a lot of people’s holiday wish list and in the event that it does end up as the face of GT5, then we have no oppositions on that too.


Source: GT Planet

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