You know a car has become extremely popular when it’s being used as inspiration for a racing boat and that’s exactly what the Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing is finding out pretty quickly.

The new Mercedes supercar was the source of inspiration for Cigarette Racing’s new 2,700-horsepower knife-hulled 46-foot boat. If you’re wondering how on earth it’s capable of producing 2,700 horsepower, then you should know that it’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 552 cubic inch 1,350-horsepower Mercury Racing engines. Put two of these engines in there and that’s how it gets 2,700 horsepower.

The boat, which was built by both AMG and Cigarette Racing, also comes with trademark AMG Alubeam silver paint with a contrasting AMG Designo Mystic White paint that, incidentally, is the colorway of the Mercedes-AMG logo.

If any of you recall, we previewed this boat back in December, but at that time, we didn’t have anything except for a pretty long press release and a teaser sketch of what the boat could look like. Now, however, we have the actual press photos of the boat in all its metalized glory, where it also happens to be joined by no less than the source of its inspiration, the Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing.


Source: Mercedes AMG

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  (2) posted on 03.18.2010

Cigarette AMG video,from from the INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW in Miami

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  (544) posted on 02.18.2010

Well, if it is as powerful and as fast as the car (in ratio) I guess they pretty much did it. The difference with cars and boats is that I get a whole lot scared with boats as they tend to be unstable unlike with cars, if you are on the road, the road doesn’t change it’s behavior until there is an earth quake wherein the sea is not always stable.

foxawy  (16) posted on 02.18.2010

i dont know if its just me , but dont u guys think that Mercedes/AMG, have better things to do ....... mmmm i dont know like MAKING A BETTER REPLACEMENT OF THE SLR McLaren.

foxawy  (939) posted on 02.17.2010

So this Cigarette racing boat is inspire by the SLS, which the SLS is inspire from the 300 SL.

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