This doesn’t look so good for AMG, considering that the SLS is the first complete product to be branded solely with the Mercedes Benz factory tuners name plate. It’s never good to see a spy shot where the car is sitting in a public place with the hood up. What could have happened to this SLS AMG is anybody’s guess? However, it’s photos like these that can turn away big spenders with fears of being stuck in the same precarious situation.

With the reincarnation of the Gullwing’s debut only 3 months away, AMG needs to make sure that we don’t see anymore of these from now until then. Future super car owners won’t care that their car’s had crafted 6.2 Liter V8 makes 571 HP, over 50 HP more than the big baller CL and S Class AMG models, when you have to ask two guys with blurry faces for some help pushing the 3575 pound SLR replacement.

At that point, the 195 MPH top speed will be the last thing on your mind. An experience like this may even be enough to make you start thinking about learning Italian, not that those cars have the greatest reliability records. It will be interesting to see how one of the most reliable automakers in the world, Toyota, will do with their 200 MPH machine.


Source: TheCarFanatic

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